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Top 10 Makeup Brands Trending on Instagram 2023

collage of some of the brands featured in this post

The Makeup Brands that Dominated Instagram in 2023

As the landscape of beauty continues to shift and expand, the influence of social media, especially Instagram, on determining makeup trends and brand recognition grows increasingly significant. Mintoiro's "Top Makeup Brands Trending on Instagram 2023" report delves into the dynamic interplay between digital presence and brand success, providing a deep dive into the makeup brands that have not only dominated the conversation but have also set the trends over the past year.


This exhaustive analysis covers 441 makeup brands from a diverse range of locales, featuring contributions from 33 different countries across every continent. The report spans a variety of categories within the makeup industry, including but not limited to foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more, offering a panoramic view of the sector's digital footprint on Instagram throughout 2023. Beyond mere rankings, this report is enriched with expert commentary on prevailing makeup trends, making it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to stay at the forefront of the global makeup industry.


In this blog post, we'll unveil the top 10 makeup brands from our detailed annual ranking, shedding light on the innovative tactics and creative approaches that have propelled these brands to prominence in 2023. These standout brands illustrate the wide-ranging innovation and artistic flair that currently energizes the makeup industry, signaling emerging trends that not only cater to evolving consumer tastes but are also poised to redefine the beauty landscape on digital platforms.

Brands Featured:


R.E.M. Beauty collage of photos showing minimalist futuristic silver makeup packaging.

1. R.E.M. Beauty

R.E.M. Beauty, Ariana Grande's foray into the makeup world, has quickly captured the imagination of beauty enthusiasts with its interstellar-themed product range. Launched with the promise of high-quality, cruelty-free makeup that encourages self-expression and creativity, the brand offers everything from ethereal eyeshadow palettes to high-shine lip glosses. Its packaging, inspired by a blend of retro-futurism and space-age aesthetics, stands out in the crowded beauty marketplace. R.E.M. Beauty’s emphasis on inclusivity and versatility in its product line appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers looking for makeup that not only enhances their natural beauty but also serves as a tool for creative expression.

Rare Beauty moodboard, the brands packaging is pale pink with gold accents.

2. Rare Beauty

Founded by Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty challenges the traditional notions of perfection in the beauty industry. With a mission to promote self-acceptance and mental health awareness, Rare Beauty offers a range of products designed to highlight individual beauty. The brand’s lightweight, buildable formulas, from liquid blushes to soft matte lip creams, are celebrated for their ability to create a natural, refreshed look. Rare Beauty’s commitment to creating a supportive community through its Rare Impact Fund further solidifies its standing as a brand that not only cares about the aesthetic aspects of makeup but also the well-being of its customers.

Sheglam moodboard, showing pink packaging and images of their care bears collaboration.

3. Sheglam

Sheglam has emerged as a powerhouse in the affordable makeup segment, combining trend-led products with wallet-friendly prices. The brand, a part of the Shein fashion empire, has gained popularity for its wide range of products that cater to the adventurous makeup lover. From color-changing blushes to high-coverage foundations, Sheglam proves that quality doesn’t have to be compromised for price. Its quick adaptation to beauty trends and responsive product development cycle allows it to stay ahead in the fast-paced beauty industry, making it a go-to for consumers who want to experiment with their look without breaking the bank.

Flower Knows moodboard showing their intricately detailed packaging, some with a mermaid theme and others with a swan lake theme.

4. Flower Knows

Flower Knows is a whimsical makeup brand that stands out for its fairy-tale-inspired packaging and product design. Originating from China, the brand has captured hearts with its charming aesthetic, offering a range of makeup that combines quality with cuteness. Known for its soft, pastel color palettes and delicate textures, Flower Knows appeals to those who appreciate the playful side of beauty. The brand's commitment to producing makeup that not only looks beautiful on the vanity but also performs well on the skin has garnered a loyal following, especially among those who lean towards a more feminine and romantic makeup style.

Romand moodboard with images from their my melody collaboration.

5. Romand

Romand, a South Korean makeup brand, has made waves in the beauty industry with its sophisticated product offerings and elegant packaging. The brand, which gained popularity through its collaboration with Korean makeup artist Gaeko, provides a range of products that boast both high-quality formulations and chic design. Known for its best-selling Juicy Lasting Tints and Zero Velvet Tints, Romand offers vibrant, long-lasting colors that cater to both bold and natural makeup looks. Its ability to merge practicality with style has endeared it to a global audience, making Romand a sought-after brand for consumers looking for makeup that combines innovation with timeless elegance.

Makeup A Murder's crime themed makeup in bright neon colors.

6. Makeup A Murder

Makeup A Murder has captivated the beauty community with its unique, crime-themed makeup line, offering a dramatic twist on traditional cosmetics. The brand distinguishes itself through its creative product names, packaging, and vibrant pigments, all inspired by forensic science and detective work. From "Poison Neon" pigment sets to "Crime Scene" tape brushes, each product invites users to embrace their inner detective in a playful, imaginative way. This approach has not only carved a niche for Makeup A Murder in the crowded beauty market but also attracted a dedicated following of makeup enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of high-quality formulations with an engaging, thematic concept.

Hindash's makeup products with sleek minimalist packaging.

7. Hindash

Hindash, founded by the renowned Dubai-based makeup artist Hindash, brings a professional artist’s precision and expertise to the consumer market. The brand's meticulously crafted Beautopsy palette, among other products, reflects Hindash’s artistic approach to makeup, offering versatile, multi-use color gradations that cater to a wide range of skin tones and makeup preferences. Hindash's commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity is evident in every product, making the brand a favorite among those who value artist-grade makeup tools for everyday use. With a focus on empowering users to explore their creativity, Hindash stands out for its ability to blend artistry with practicality.

Dasique moodboard showing their cute soft pastel colored makeup products.

8. Dasique

Dasique is a South Korean beauty brand known for its soft, dreamy aesthetic and high-quality, innovative makeup products. With a focus on gentle, pastel hues and minimalist packaging, Dasique appeals to those seeking a subtle, refined approach to beauty. Its popular eyeshadow palettes, featuring a range of buttery mattes and shimmering glitters, offer versatility for creating both understated and dramatic looks. Dasique’s dedication to creating cosmetics that enhance natural beauty while encouraging experimentation has quickly earned it a spot among the favored brands in both the Korean and international beauty scenes.

Nekoyanin's anime themed makeup pallets.

9. Nekoyanin

Nekoyanin, emerging in the beauty industry, captures the essence of playful, imaginative makeup with a distinct Japanese kawaii influence. Specializing in vibrant, eye-catching colors and adorable anime themed packaging, Nekoyanin products are designed to appeal to those who love to express their personality through their makeup. From sparkling eyeliners to whimsical eyeshadow palettes, the brand encourages creativity and self-expression, making it a delightful addition to any makeup collection. Nekoyanin’s charm lies in its ability to fuse quality with fun, offering a fresh, youthful approach to beauty that stands out in a saturated market.

Karla Cosmetics iridescent eye makeup products.

10. Karla Cosmetics

Karla Cosmetics, founded by makeup artist Karla Powell, is synonymous with innovation, especially known for its pioneering work in the realm of eye art and creative makeup. The brand offers an array of professional-grade products, including the highly pigmented Neon Pigments and the versatile Eye Foils, which have become staples for both makeup artists and enthusiasts seeking to push the boundaries of traditional makeup. Karla Cosmetics embodies the spirit of artistic experimentation, providing tools that empower users to explore bold, artistic expressions in their makeup routines. With a focus on quality and creativity, Karla Cosmetics has established itself as a go-to brand for those looking to make a statement with their makeup artistry.



Closing Thoughts on This Year's Top Makeup Brands

As we conclude our exploration of the top 10 makeup brands trending on Instagram in 2023, it's clear that the beauty industry is in a constant state of innovation and reinvention. From R.E.M. Beauty's interstellar-inspired range to Karla Cosmetics' boundary-pushing eye art, each brand brings its unique vision to the forefront, reshaping how we think about makeup. The diversity and creativity showcased by these brands reflect broader trends that emphasize self-expression, inclusivity, and a blend of artistry with practicality. This report, and the brands it highlights, not only celebrate the current achievements within the makeup industry but also point towards an exciting, evolving future. As consumers continue to seek products that align with their personal values and aesthetic preferences, the brands that thrive will be those that not only adapt to changing trends but also dare to define them. Mintoiro's "Top Makeup Brands Trending on Instagram 2023" serves as a testament to the vibrant dynamism of the makeup industry and a guide for those looking to navigate its ever-changing landscape.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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