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Top 10 Skincare Brands Trending on Instagram 2023

Pink and fushia colored images from some of the brands featured in this post

The Skincare Brands Dominating Instagram in 2023

As the beauty industry continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the role of social media, particularly Instagram, in shaping trends and brand success has never been more critical. Mintoiro's Top Skincare Brands Trending on Instagram 2023 report distills the essence of the past year's digital landscape into actionable insights, spotlighting the brands that have not only thrived but also defined the conversation around skincare on this vital platform.


The full list includes 679 brands from all over the globe, including brands from 37 different countries across all continents. The categories included within the scope of this skincare list are skincare, bodycare, sunscreen and tanning. The report not only provides a ranking for skincare brands performance on Instagram for all of 2023, but it also provides expert analysis on current trends. This report is a must read for anyone aiming to keep up with what’s currently happening in the global skincare industry.


In this blog post, we'll explore the top 10 skincare brands from my comprehensive research, offering a glimpse into the strategies that have made them stand out in 2023. These brands exemplify the diversity and creativity thriving within the skincare industry, reflecting broader trends that are not just shaping consumer preferences but also setting the stage for the future of beauty on digital platforms.

Brands Featured:

Sol de Janeiro lifestyle photography, brightly colored packaging in amber, red and pink.

1. Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro, launched in 2015 by visionaries Camila Pierotti, Heela Yang, and Marc Capra, epitomizes the vibrant essence of Brazil with its standout product, the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. This cream, celebrated for its addictive blend of vanilla, pistachio, and salted caramel, has captivated Gen Z consumers, setting a new trend with its indulgent, gourmand fragrance. This preference marks a notable shift from the traditional luxe beauty scents, steering the industry towards more decadent, edible aromas.

Rhode Skin's lifestle photography moodboard, minimalist grey packaging with moody modern photography style

2. Rhode

Rhode Skin, founded by Hailey Bieber in 2021, quickly emerged as a frontrunner in the minimalist skincare movement, resonating deeply with millennials and Gen Z alike. The brand's ethos centers on simplicity and efficacy, offering a curated selection of products designed to deliver dewy, healthy skin. Its launch product, the Peptide Glazing Fluid, became an instant hit, celebrated for its lightweight, hydrating formula that promises a glass-like sheen. Rhode's commitment to high-quality ingredients and its sleek, gender-neutral packaging design exemplify the call for transparency, inclusivity, and multifunctionality in beauty products. By emphasizing skin health and natural beauty overelaborate regimens, Rhode Skin speaks to a growing consumer demand for skincare that is both aesthetically pleasing and profoundly practical, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Photo's of Tree Hut's colorful products with various scents and colors.

3. Tree Hut

Tree Hut has carved a niche within the bodycare market, celebrated for its effective natural ingredient-based formulas and an exciting array of scent options. Founded in 2002, Tree Hut offers a sensory delight through its diverse fragrance portfolio, ranging from the exotic Coconut Lime to the comforting Vanilla Bean, making each product a unique experience. The brand’s signature Shea Sugar Scrub embodies this blend of indulgence and efficacy, providing deep exfoliation while enveloping the skin in delightful aromas. Tree Hut's approach to combining high-quality affordable care with fun, varied scents appeal to a wide audience, setting it apart as a brand that prioritizes both skin health and personal expression through scent.

Le Labo's skincare products in minimalist white apothecary style packaging in gritty and messy style photography.

4. Le Labo

Le Labo, renowned for its artisanal fragrances, extends its philosophy of meticulous craftsmanship and unique scent profiles into the realm of skincare. With a launch that echoed its reputation for exclusivity and personalized experiences, Le Labo's skincare line is crafted to offer the same level of olfactory sophistication and purity found in its perfumes. Each product, from nourishing face lotions to gentle body scrubs, is formulated with plant-based ingredients and infused with the brand's signature scents, such as the iconic Santal 33. The packaging, minimalist and elegant, reflects Le Labo’s ethos of understated luxury. This foray into skincare not only diversifies Le Labo's offerings but also caters to a discerning clientele that values both the efficacy of their beauty products and the sensory experience they provide, making Le Labo a standout in the luxury skincare market.

Fenty Skin moodboard, glossy style photography of their pale lavender minimalist packaging.

5. Fenty Skin

Fenty Skin, launched by LVMH in 2020 together with Rihanna as the face of the brand, seamlessly blends functionality with a minimalist design aesthetic, making its mark in the skincare landscape. The brand, an extension of the successful Fenty Beauty, focuses on delivering high-performance skincare solutions through a streamlined product lineup. With standout offerings like the Hydra Vizor moisturizer and the Total Cleans’r, Fenty Skin prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness. Each product is presented in sleek, modern packaging that reflects the brand's commitment to simplicity and elegance. This minimalist approach extends beyond the visual, with Fenty Skin emphasizing a concise regimen that aims to simplify skincare routines without compromising on results. Through this focus, Fenty Skin appeals to consumers who appreciate both the aesthetic and practical benefits of their skincare products, offering a sophisticated, yet accessible, approach to skincare essentials.

Beauty of Joseon moodboard with white and pale pastel colored packaging in peaceful minimalist aesthetic.

6. Beauty of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon is a brand that captures the essence of ancient Korean beauty secrets while incorporating modern skincare science. Launched with the aim to offer skincare solutions that blend traditional Korean herbal ingredients with contemporary formulations, Beauty of Joseon has gained attention for its unique approach. Products like the Dynasty Cream and the Ginseng Essence Water are emblematic of the brand's philosophy, utilizing ingredients like ginseng and rice water that have been cherished in Korean beauty rituals for centuries. The brand’s packaging also reflects a minimalist aesthetic, with an emphasis on clean lines and subtle elegance, paying homage to the simplicity and refinement of the Joseon dynasty. This marriage of the old and the new makes Beauty of Joseon stand out in the crowded skincare market, appealing to those who value both the historical depth and the efficacy of their beauty products.

Touchland moodboard with images showing their power mist with ingredients implying the scent of the products

7. Touchland

Touchland has revolutionized the hand sanitizer industry by blending functionality with design and wellness, transforming a once utilitarian product into a stylish accessory. Launched with a mission to make hand hygiene enjoyable and effective, Touchland's Power Mist hand sanitizers are known for their sleek, modern packaging and a variety of refreshing scents. Beyond aesthetics, these sanitizers are formulated with skin-friendly ingredients, such as aloe vera and lemon essential oil, to hydrate and nourish the skin, addressing the common issue of dryness associated with frequent sanitization. The brand's emphasis on convenience, with its travel-friendly size and non-sticky formula, caters to the on-the-go lifestyle of today's consumers. Touchland has successfully positioned itself at the intersection of health, beauty, and technology, making it a standout brand for those seeking practicality and style in their personal care routine.

Glow Recipe's colorful products pictured with fruits

8. Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe distinguishes itself in the skincare market with its focus on fruit-based formulations and advanced Korean skincare innovations. The brand's signature, such as the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask, showcases its commitment to products that not only perform well but are also a joy to use. Each offering, encased in vibrant, eye-catching packaging, harnesses the natural efficacy of fruits to enhance skin's radiance and hydration. Glow Recipe merges the fun aspect of skincare with serious results, appealing to those seeking both sensory delight and noticeable improvements in their skin's health. This approach has positioned Glow Recipe uniquely, making it a favorite among consumers eager for skincare that combines tradition with modern science.

Starface's fun packaging, the case for their hydro stars looks like a lego head with star shaped eyes.

9. Starface

Starface has redefined the conversation around acne care by introducing a line of products that celebrate, rather than conceal, skin imperfections. With its launch of Hydro-Stars, star-shaped hydrocolloid pimple patches, the brand has turned a typically discreet treatment into a bold fashion statement. These patches not only help heal blemishes by creating a protective barrier against bacteria but also encourage a positive dialogue about acne through their playful design. Starface's vibrant yellow packaging and inclusive marketing resonate with a younger audience looking for authenticity and fun in their skincare routine. By positioning acne care within a framework of self-expression and acceptance, Starface has cultivated a unique space in the beauty industry, emphasizing that effective skincare can also be empowering and joyous.

The brand Minimalist's minimalist black and white packaging.

10. Minimalist

Minimalist, established in 2020, emerged in the skincare market with a mission to strip back the complexities often associated with skincare formulations. Born out of a desire to offer transparent, effective solutions, the brand has quickly gained popularity for its straightforward approach, emphasizing purity and potency in its ingredients. Operating with a philosophy that champions minimalism in both its formulas and packaging, Minimalist seeks to educate and empower consumers by making the science behind skincare accessible and understandable. Its range of products, from potent serums to hydrating moisturizers, addresses various skin concerns with a focus on active ingredients known for their efficacy. The brand's commitment to ingredient transparency and its dedication to delivering results without unnecessary additives have made it a favorite among skincare enthusiasts who prioritize integrity and simplicity in their skincare choices. With its roots in simplifying the beauty regimen, Minimalist embodies a modern approach to skincare that resonates with today's informed and discerning consumers, proving that effective skincare doesn't need to be complicated.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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