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Top Makeup Brands Trending on Instagram 2023

Top Makeup Brands Trending on Instagram 2023

In a domain where artistry meets innovation, mastering the trends propelling the makeup industry forward demands both vision and insight. Mintoiro's seminal report, "Top Trending Makeup Brands on Instagram 2023," spans 117 pages of in-depth analysis, leveraging an extensive dataset to chart the makeup brands dominating the digital sphere this year.


Unmatched Data-Driven Insights

Our analysis encompasses 441 makeup brands from 33 countries, offering a panoramic view of the global makeup landscape. Through a rigorous, data-driven approach, we scrutinize follower growth, engagement rates, and momentum trends over the course of 2023. This meticulous research culminates in a definitive guide to the brands that have not only captured the imagination of audiences worldwide but have also set the standards for success on Instagram, an essential platform in the digital marketing arsenal of today.


Detailed Market Analysis:

  • Trend Exploration: Dive into the heart of what fuels consumer engagement and brand innovation on Instagram. Our comprehensive examination sheds light on the trailblazers and pioneers at the forefront of today's makeup trends.
  • Visibility Shifts: Unravel the stories of brands experiencing shifts in visibility, delving into the dynamics that affect their prominence on the platform.
  • Aesthetic Innovations: Discover the top seven aesthetic and styling trends captivating Instagram's vast audience and see how leading makeup brands are utilizing these trends to differentiate themselves.
  • Annual Brand Rankings: Gain access to an extensive yearly ranking of 441 brands, providing a wide-angle view of the competitive dynamics within the Instagram makeup niche.
  • Monthly Brand Movements: A chronological visual map of the monthly fluctuations and shifts of the top 50 makeup brands trending on Instagram for each month of 2023.
  • Brand Overview of Top 50 Brands: Detailed profiles on the performance of the top 50 brands on Instagram, offering insights on each brands performance on the metrics being used for the data driven ranking, and general brand information.
  • Influence Analysis: Investigate the top 100 most-followed makeup brands, illustrating that true influence extends beyond simple follower counts.
  • Global Perspectives: Explore a detailed breakdown of the standout brands across key nations, spotlighting both local gems and international titans.


Essential for Industry Professionals

Crafted for the movers and shakers of the makeup industry – from brand managers and marketers to strategists and consultants – this report is a treasure trove of insights for navigating the intricate dynamics of Instagram. Whether refining social media tactics, seeking impactful collaborations, or staying ahead of the competition, our findings provide the strategic edge needed to make informed, impactful decisions.


Designed for Strategic Excellence

The effervescent world of makeup demands not just raw data, but deep, actionable insights and a forward-thinking perspective. "Top Trending Makeup Brands on Instagram 2023" is your compass in the vibrant ecosystem of makeup branding, offering the clarity and foresight needed to harness Instagram's full potential in forecasting trends, understanding competitive landscapes, and guiding strategic innovation.


Your Blueprint for Digital Mastery

"Top Trending Makeup Brands on Instagram 2023" is more than a report; it's a strategic blueprint for navigating the complexities of the makeup industry with authority and creativity. Secure your copy today and transform data-driven insights into your strategic advantage.



  • Trend Analysis
  • Who Dropped Off
  • 7 Lifestyle Photography Trends
  • Year Ranking of 679 Brands
  • Month by Month Top 50 Ranking
  • Brand Overview of Top 50 Brands
  • Top 100 Most Followed Brands
  • Top Brands by Country Lists


Top Brands by Country Lists Included

  • United States – Top 20 Visual
  • United States – Top 100 List
  • United Kingdom – Top 20 Visual
  • France – Top 10 Visual
  • South Korea – Top 20 Visual
  • Japan – Top 10 Visual
  • Indonesia – Top 10 Visual
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