Realistic 3D rendering of various cosmetics products in blue opaque plastic packaging. The products are on a mirror that is reflecting a blue sky with white clouds.
Realistic 3D rendering of cosmetics packaging. The packaging is made out of opaque plastic in a babyblue color with a matte finish. They are set on a white glossy table surface with a wrapped giftbox and shopping bag matching the products.
Realistic 3D rendering of various cosmetics products spread around viewed from above. The packaging is cute and colorful.
Little Dreamer Logo, click for more information about the project.
Realistic 3D rendering of 3 cosmetics jars floating in the air. The jars are made out of clear glass with a white lid and a white label with minimalist typography. The background of the image is a light warm pink.
Shibui logo, link goes to more info about the project.
glow render 1-Scene setup.png
Asset 92 space candy.png
Space Candy logo, link leads to more info about this project.
gif of a spinning bottle, its made out of matte opaque plastic with metalic shiny text in a whimsical font.
space candy scene 1-body mist w box.jpg
space candy sets 5-top view.jpg
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Logo for Beauty Design Awards, link leads to the directory page of my blog posts about the beauty design awards.
Mintoiro logo, it a rectangle with Mintoiro written in japanese signs on the top side and written in latin letters.