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Color Trend: Gen Z Green

Color Trend: Gen Z Green

Color Trend: Gen Z Green

Just like we had Millennial Pink the next generation has Gen Z Green. Gen Z Green is a big rising color trend for Beauty Brands. While many publications have mentioned the rise of Gen Z Green for some time now, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what shade of green were talking about. Gen Z Green is a bold and vibrant shade of fluorescent yellow-green that bursts with energy and optimism.

Lifestyle photos of various beauty products using Gen Z Green. The brands featured are K18, by humankind, youthforia, athena club, herbivore botanicals, innbeauty project

Gen Z Green is one of the trend colors featured in my new report: Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast 2024, now available for purchase on my website.

Color swatches for Glow Yellow, Gen Z Green and Slime Green.

What exact color is Gen Z Green?

The shade sits somewhere between glow in the dark stars yellow and nickelodeon slime green. Any of these three colors would be fair to call Gen Z Green.

Beauty Products in the Gen Z Color. Featuring products from the brands Half Magic Beauty, Youthforia, Made by Mitchell, Wishful, Lavojoy, by humankind, athena club and dazzle club.

Gen Z Green Beauty Products

Here are some lovely examples of Beauty Products that make good use of Gen Z Green.

Various runway fashion looks in the Gen Z Green Color

Gen Z Green in Runway Fashion

All these looks are from the 2023 runway fashion collections. You can see Gen Z Green in all kinds of collections, women, men and even in couture.

Photos of furniture and home decor items in Gen Z Green

Gen Z Green in Interior Design

You can find the color in the interior design category too.

Various Sneakers in Gen Z Green. Some of the brands featured are Adidas, Balenciaga, Nike, Fila and Puma.

Gen Z Green Sneakers

If you’re a sneakerhead you have probably also been seeing this color a lot.

Gen Z Green Beauty Brand Examples

Half Magic Beauty Moodboard


United States

Founded by Donni Davy

Half Magic Beauty manages to combine their appealing Gen Z branding with sustainable packaging innovations. They have eyeshadow and blush singles that come in Gen Z Green home compostable compacts. Surveys have shown that sustainability is especially important to Gen Z consumers so combining this with Branding and products that appeal to Gen Z is a winning strategy.

Made by Mitchell Moodboard


United Kingdom

Founded by MMMMitchell

Makeup artist Mitchell Halliday is behind the brand Made by Mitchell. On their website he’s quoted saying: “I make products for the makeup lovers, for the makeup addicts and for the self-expressionists.”

Youthforia Moodboard


United States

Founded by Fiona Co Chan

YouthForia has managed to go viral on TikTok by being innovative products. Their first to market color changing blush oil, called BYO Blush, was a huge success.

Athena Club Moodboard


United States

Founded by Maria Markina & Charles Desmarais

Athena Club released a series of their products in a bright Gen Z Green. Their recent waxing products have also included Gen Z Green on the packaging together with Sugary Pink and Baby Blue.

Beauty Lifestyle photography featuring Gen Z Green. From the brands I dew care, essence, not pot, herbivore botanicals, billie and slmd

My latest industry report is “Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast 2024”. The full report is now available here on my website!

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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