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Doing Good
For The Planet

Welcome to Doing Good, a seal of approval for Beauty Brands aligned with our sustainability standards. Our aim is simple: to spotlight brands genuinely committed to sustainable practices, helping consumers navigate through the noise of greenwashing. With Doing Good, we're dedicated to promoting transparency and sincerity, ensuring your choices reflect your values and contribute to a greener future.

On this page you can check to confirm if a brand had our seal of approval or discover new brands.

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Doing Good is free!

In our commitment to fostering genuine sustainability in the beauty industry, we want to emphasize that it doesn't cost anything for brands to apply for our seal of approval, utilize the Doing Good seal, or be featured on our webpage. Our goal is to make the process accessible to all brands dedicated to sustainability, regardless of their size or financial resources. This ensures that our platform remains inclusive and that consumers can trust that our seal of approval is based solely on a brand's sustainability practices, not their financial means.



Welcome to Doing Good, a platform dedicated to promoting sustainability in the beauty industry. At Doing Good, we believe that beauty should not come at the expense of the planet. Our mission is simple: to empower consumers to make informed choices by highlighting brands that are committed to genuine sustainability.


In an industry often clouded by greenwashing and misleading claims, Doing Good serves as a beacon of transparency and integrity. We carefully evaluate beauty brands based on rigorous sustainability criteria, including their use of eco-friendly packaging, commitment to cruelty-free practices, and efforts to minimize environmental impact throughout the production and supply chain process.


Our seal of approval signifies more than just a marketing tactic—it's a symbol of authenticity and accountability. Brands that earn the Doing Good seal have demonstrated a genuine commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that every purchase you make reflects your values and contributes positively to the planet.


Join us in our mission to promote sustainability in the beauty industry. Together, we can make a difference—one conscious choice at a time.


If your brand is featured here, you're welcome to use the seal!

You can use the seal on your website, social media or even print it on your packaging! If you use the seal on your website, we encourage you to link it to this page so that your customers can easily confirm that you have our seal of approval. As mentioned above this is completely free, unlike most other certifications this one cannot be bought. You can find a zip file with assets that you can use by clicking on the icon bellow. If you have any questions about using the seal or want to request other assets, we’re happy to help!

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Interested in the Doing Good seal? You're welcome to submit your brand for consideration or a brand you like that you think would be a good fit.

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