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  • What specific services do you offer for beauty brands?
    Alongside my data-driven beauty industry reports available for purchase here, I offer a range of comprehensive services tailored to meet the unique needs of beauty brands. These services include: · Brand Strategy Consulting · Competitive Market Research · Brand Identity and Packaging Design I work on a flat fee project basis, ensuring each project is fully customized to align with your specific requirements. Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. To discuss your brand's particular needs or to book a consultation, you can schedule a video call here.
  • Can we buy data from you?
    While I maintain a comprehensive database of over 20k beauty brands, I do not operate as a data broker and thus do not sell access to this database. However, the insights from this extensive collection are the foundation of my expertly curated industry reports. These reports, rich in visual presentations and in-depth analysis, are available for purchase on this website. They offer valuable insights tailored for those looking to understand the beauty industry landscape. For more details and to purchase these reports, please visit the reports page on this website.
  • Can you sign an NDA before our consulting call?
    Absolutely! Ensuring confidentiality and trust is a priority for me. Feel free to send me an NDA via email once you've booked a strategy consulting call. I’ll review and sign it promptly to ensure that all your sensitive information remains secure. You can book a call and find more information here.
  • Can you speak at our event?
    I am open to speaking engagements and bring with me a wealth of experience as a speaker. Here are my terms: Travel Expenses: All travel expenses must be covered for any event I attend, whether as a speaker or a guest. Speaking Fee: Depending on the event's specifics, generally I require a speaking fee in addition to travel expenses. Guest Attendance: I’m willing to attend events as a guest with covered expenses, given that the arrangement is reasonable and feasible from my base in Stockholm. Further Discussion: For more details or to discuss a potential engagement, please feel free to reach out. I’m eager to hear about your event and how I can contribute.
  • Can we send our cosmetics products to you?
    I'm always thrilled to receive new cosmetic products! Exploring the latest items in the market is a vital part of my research. However, please note that sending products does not ensure any promotional content or endorsement on my part. My focus is on analysis and strategy, but I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to experience your products firsthand.
  • Can we sponsor your content?
    I am open to considering sponsorship opportunities that align with the interests and values of my platform, which primarily caters to beauty industry professionals. When engaging in sponsored content, I operate on a flat fee basis with upfront payment to ensure clear, stress-free collaborations. Since I am not actively pursuing sponsorships, I assume that you’re coming to me because you already value my platform. Please note, as a policy, I do not accept sponsorships from global corporations. My commitment is to support and promote the independent beauty industry.
  • Can you refer Beauty Brands to us?
    As an independent consultant, I prioritize impartiality and do not provide referrals to beauty brands. This policy upholds the integrity of my consulting services. However, I am committed to providing in-depth market research and strategic guidance to help you navigate the beauty industry effectively.
  • How can we get on your top lists?
    Placement on my Instagram and TikTok top lists is purely data-driven and based on metrics like Followers, Engagement, and Growth over time. The key to ranking on these lists is robust performance on these platforms. You're certainly welcome to reach out to ensure that I'm tracking your beauty brand. However, being tracked is just the first step; your performance metrics will ultimately determine your inclusion on any of the list. A useful tip: for better chances of ranking, don’t hide your likes and comments on Instagram, if you hide this I or anyone else can’t see your engagement rate either and it plays a crucial role in assessing your performance on Instagram.
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