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Brand Design Study: iNNBEAUTY Project

innbeauty project, photo of pimple paste and a photo of their range of products

What is iNNBEATY Project?

Innbeauty project is a USA based, cruelty-free, vegan, woman owned skincare brand that offers a range of products mostly catered towards acne prone skin.

innbeauty project moodboard and color palette

How can beauty brands stand out?

One way that innbeauty is utilizing perfectly is bright highly contrasting colors. To get colors to really pop you want to use a combination of pastels and really bright colors. The contrast will make the colors look even brighter than they would with just the brightest colors.

innbeauty project hero product pimple paste

What is a hero product?

For beauty brands a hero product is the main attraction, it's the best seller. It's the product that is front and center in marketing. Basically if a brand was selling just one product this would be it. Most of the packaging follows a pretty similar layout except for the hero product Pimple Paste which makes it really stand out from the other! The look of the packaging is inspired by toothpaste tubes.

"Ever heard the old wives' tale telling you to put toothpaste on your pimple? We love the idea, but toothpaste contains harsh ingredients & sulfates that can damage the skin so we created a skin-friendly paste that works quickly to zap those pesky spots!"

The color palette for their pimple paste includes pink, blue, yellow, white and black. The shades are not quite the primary colors but it reminds me of the basic print colors CMYK. You can pretty much mix any colors with these so it's like all colors are included for the design of their hero product.

innbeauty project skincare product range

How do you get your product line to look cohesive?

To make your product line cohesive you want to make sure they have repeating design elements and the same aesthetic style. I think lines where all the products look the exact same can get really boring and makes for very boring lifestyle photos. It's like you get the challenge of being a brand with just one product even though you have a whole range to work with. It's hard to keep thinking of ways to style photos of just one product.

innbeauty project skincare product labels

If you have a similar layout of the label you should try to vary the colors and shapes of different products. If a brand has products that are all the same colors they can have a layout that varies and variation for the shapes. I recreated their labels so I could show you a flat view of them and get a better idea of how they design their packaging. A great way to improve your design skills is to recreate designs you like.

innbeauty project skincare products colors

Innbeauty talk a lot about being a clean and sustainable brand. They are certified plastic negative, which means that they pledge to remove three times as much plastic from nature as they use. That's nice in theory but they are still contributing to plastic waste by using it for their products. I understand that everything can't be sustainable, but then they shouldn't confuse consumers by advertising as sustainable.

innbeauty project skincare product green machine

How do you make it easy to understand your product?

A good way to make it clear what your products do is to have visual elements that communicate their functions at a glance. Innbeauty has some really simple stylish icons that tell you what the benefits of the products are!

innbeauty project icons

innbeauty project skincare product slushy serum moisturizer crush

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