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Top 50 Trending Skincare Brands May 2021

Most popular skincare brands on Instagram

This is a list of top skincare brands based on their performance on Instagram. The list is based on brands followers, engagement and growth over time. To adjust for foul play (buying followers etc) I implement a penalty for having unusually low scores in any set category. Brands are scored relative to their position to other brands.

Thank you for checking out my list!

//Jennifer Carlsson

Jennifer Carlsson
Photo of Jennifer Carlsson, blue hair with a fringe, big glasses with clear frames and cute pastel clothes
Beauty Brand Strategy Consultant
I spend most of my days gathering data about the beauty industry into a huge database and thanks to my eidetic memory the database is both in both my computer and my head. Want to know what’s going on in the beauty industry? I’m the person to talk to.

As a multitalented Unicorn bringing together a critical eye and aesthetic sense as a professional designer with data science, business analysis and strategic thinking I offer a unique holistic perspective and understanding of the industry.