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Top 50 Trending Skincare Brands April 2021

Most popular skincare brands on instagram

This is a list of top skincare brands based on their performance on instagram. This is the second list published, check out the first one and compare! The list is based on brands followers, engagement and growth over time. To adjust for foul play (buying followers etc) I implement a penalty for having unusually low scores in any set category. Brands are scored relative to their position to other brands.

Florence by Mills is steadily staying on the top, the engagement and growth this brand is achieving is honestly really impressive. Both Fenty Skin and Glow Recipe are moving up on the list. I'm glad to see CeraVe moving down, some might now be aware of this but CeraVe is in fact not a cruelty-free brand.

The N and blue color indicated brands that were not previously rated on the list the month before. It either reflects brands being newly launched, seeing a lot of growth to qualify or new to me. You will see some brands being pushed down by this.

Dezi Skin is one of the brands that are actually newly launched and doing really well! Krave beauty is also seeing a lot of growth. I am not sure what is causing the huge jump Dove did and I'm curious to see if it holds up. Again this list is not made from my own choices (you would not see cruelty-free brands at all if I was picking my own faves).

I'm happy to see Youth To The People moving up! It's an independently owned brand that has some really high quality products.

I find that some brands gain a lot of growth from being available at a lot of different retailers. Farmacy for example is to my awareness available to buy from at least 5 major beauty retailers. Murad is also seeing a lot of growth, they have been investing a lot in their marketing it seems like. I recently saw them sponsoring a Dr Mike video, so reaching outside of the skincare influencers. The choice of sponsoring a doctors video does make sense. I wonder if Dr. Mikes recent collaboration with popular skincare influencer Hyram recently?

Be sure to check back for May's updated list!

//Jennifer Carlsson


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Jennifer Carlsson
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I'm Jennifer Carlsson, a 30 year old strategy consultant, competitive market researcher, data analyst and designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I know more about more beauty brands than anyone else and I'm an expert in what it takes for beauty brands to succeed.
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