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15 Trending Skincare Brands Showing Steady Growth

How to determine what brands are trending

I wanted to look at what skincare brands have been showing consistent growth over the past year. Looking at brands instagram accounts I first filtered out brands that lost followers over any month in the past year. Loosing followers is a sign of stagnation, since all accounts regularly have people unfollow it means they are not even gaining enough new followers to compensate for this. It can also indicate that the brand had bought followers that are then being removed. Since we are looking for brands that are growing, not necessarily ones that are already the most popular I looked at % growth compared to where brands were a year ago. Engagement is also a great indicator, we look at engagement as average % of followers engagement per post.

Florence by Mills


Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Millie Bobby Brown

United States

Followers: 2.7M

Growth: 17%

Engagement: 3.41%

Top Skincare Rank: 1

Glow Recipe


Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang

United States

Followers: 1M

Growth: 14%

Engagement: 0.59%

Top Skincare Rank: 7



Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Maxx Harley Appelman

United States

Followers: 684K

Growth: 36%

Engagement: 0.91%

Top Skincare Rank: 6



Cruelty Free

Founded by Priscilla Tsai

United States

Followers: 302K

Growth: 15%

Engagement: 0.98%

Top Skincare Rank: 18



Cruelty Free

Founded by Alison Haljun and Christin Powell

United States

Followers: 41K

Growth: 29%

Engagement: 0.99%

Top Skincare Rank: 220



Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Katherine Power

United States

Followers: 309K

Growth: 21%

Engagement: 0.86%

Top Skincare Rank: 17



Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Alisa Metzger and Jen Shane

United States

Followers: 60K

Growth: 46%

Engagement: 1.10%

Top Skincare Rank: 152

Hero Cosmetics


Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Ju Rhyu

United States

Followers: 84K

Growth: 74%

Engagement: 1.46%

Top Skincare Rank: 93

Good Molecules


Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Nils Johnson

United States

Followers: 358K

Growth: 48%

Engagement: 0.67%

Top Skincare Rank: 16



Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Jerry Kim

South Korea

Followers: 39K

Growth: 62%

Engagement: 1.21%

Top Skincare Rank: 201

Jones Road


Cruelty Free

Founded by Bobbi Brown

United States

Followers: 164K

Growth: 43%

Engagement: 0.60%

Top Skincare Rank: 60

Salt & Stone


Cruelty Free

Founded by Nima Jalali


Followers: 43K

Growth: 51%

Engagement: 1.05%

Top Skincare Rank: 194

3rd Ritual


Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Jenn Tardif

United States

Followers: 54K

Growth: 26%

Engagement: 2.51%

Top Skincare Rank: 95

One Thing


Cruelty Free

South Korea

Followers: 33K

Growth: 29%

Engagement: 1.39%

Top Skincare Rank: 227

Bathing Culture


Cruelty Free | Vegan

Founded by Tim Hollinger and Spencer Arnold

United States

Followers: 48K

Growth: 21%

Engagement: 2.78%

Top Skincare Rank: 183


From look at these and other trending skincare brands I think it’s clear that a lot of people want something fun and colourful to cheer them up. I also see brand with a sustainable focus getting significantly higher engagement. People are getting more concerned about climate change and want brands that are doing more to be on the right side of the fight. Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


Portrait photo of Jennifer Carlsson, short neon green hair and rainbow colored eye makeup
Jennifer Carlsson
The Beauty Brand Expert

I'm Jennifer Carlsson, a 30 year old strategy consultant, competitive market researcher, data analyst and designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I know more about more beauty brands than anyone else and I'm an expert in what it takes for beauty brands to succeed.
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