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Review: Moisturising Gel Cream from Byoma

Review: Moisturising Gel Cream from Byoma


Cruelty Free | Vegan

$16.55 | 50 ml

Fragrance Free

Moisturising Gel Cream  Byoma

What is Byoma?

Byoma is a new brand that just launched with a whole line of products now available at Cult Beauty and Target. They boast about their “no fillers, no fluff” approach to product development and their “Tri-Ceramide Complex”. Another brand with a new unique super special complex, ceramides are a lovely ingredient so it’s a decent choice at least. Since they do not have their own website there isn’t that much information about the brand so far.

Byoma skincare brand

What is it?

This is a light gel moisturizer, like any moisturizer apply to your face after any serums and treatment steps you might be using. Works fine for day or night routine.

Moisturising Gel Cream from Byoma

Packaging Design

The packaging has a nice pastel pink color with hot pink text on it. It has an interesting, rounded rectangle shape. It’s a bottle with a pump. My favorite thing about the packaging is easily the pump. It has an indent that lets your index finger perfectly fit on the top of the pump. Pressing down the pump feels like pressing the keys on a mechanical keyboard, very satisfying. Easy to use, you can get out as much or little as you want with no issue.

Moisturising Gel Cream from Byoma


This moisturizer is fragrance free and has no scent. It’s pretty much completely neutral. I personally enjoy scented products, but at least this doesn’t have that off scent some unscented products have.

Moisturising Gel Cream Texture Shot


The texture is a light gel, it absorbs nicely into the skin and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. Nothing groundbreaking but feels more like a $30 moisturizer than the relatively affordable price it is.

Moisturising Gel Cream from Byoma


The packaging is made of plastic, check local recycling, but you should be aware that plastic recycling is a scam. Not especially sustainable. They might claim that not having a paper box for it wastes less, which is… I guess? But they most likely are not using any boxes because it saves on cost, which I think is fine considering what they deliver for the price.

Should you buy it?

If you are on a budget, sustainability isn’t a top priority, and you want something fragrance free; you can do a lot worse than Byoma’s Moisturizing Gel Cream. It’s not my favorite moisturizer, I probably won’t buy it again since I’m trying so many other products all the time. That said, I will use it up.

Byoma Logo

Byoma is featured in my Pop Play Beauty Brand Archetype Report. Check out the report to see more fun Gen-Z brands.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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