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Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast 2024 now available!

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Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast 2024

This report is a color trend forecast for cosmetics branding and packaging. This trend forecast is built on quantitative and qualitative data analysis and in-depth beauty industry and design expertise. The full report is now available for purchase!

Contained in the Report:
  • Beauty Category Specific Color Trend Forecast

  • 35 Color Shades

  • 7 Color Moods

  • HEX, RGB, HSB and PMS

  • Brand Examples

This report aims to be a helpful tool for beauty brands when they are initially developing a new brand identity, rebranding, developing new products or creating content. This report is more than just a list of color shades with their hex and pantone. The colors are grouped into color moods and put into the context of beauty brands. For each color mood the report includes an overview of demographics and trend influences. We then look at examples of brands in different beauty categories using the color mood well as examples and sources for inspiration.

The report features 35 color shades and 7 Color Moods. While these color moods are helpful for imaging how to use the colors, colors from different color moods are frequently used by the same brands or even on the same product.

The color trends for beauty brands is often a bit different from the general color trends you might see for other categories, by creating this color trends forecast for the beauty category specifically it will be more directly relevant for beauty brands.

Beauty Lifestyle Photography, featuring the brand Made by Mitchell, Half Magic Beauty and Youthforia.


To find the trending and upcoming colors for cosmetics various research methods were used.

A dataset with over 16K beauty products from over 3500 different brands was manually tagged with the specific shades used. This gave clear data on which colors were the most used for beauty products. I analyzed this data together with data on which brands are trending.

We also looked across categories that also have applicability to beauty industry trends. Categories like Runway Fashion, Street Fashion, Interior Design, CPG food brands, wellness brands and more.

I color tagged and analyzed over 4000 Fashion Runways looks from the 2023 Spring and Fall shows to get a broader view of color trends.

To select the specific color shades, I looked at the colors that were the most widely used, increasingly used and which colors were being used by the most successful and trending brands. I then selected the specific pantones for each of the shades to make sure the look of the color will translate to real life application rather than just looking good on the screen.

For a sneak peak you can read my blog post about Gen Z Green.

//Jennifer Carlsson


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Jennifer Carlsson
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I'm Jennifer Carlsson, a 32 year old strategy consultant, competitive market researcher, data analyst and designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I know more about more beauty brands than anyone else and I'm an expert in what it takes for beauty brands to succeed.
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