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Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast 2024

Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast 2024

Dive into the captivating world of beauty aesthetics with the Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast for 2024. This visionary report seamlessly blends data-driven insights with a symphony of visuals that will shape the beauty industry's identity and packaging in the upcoming year. Created by Jennifer Carlsson, a distinguished expert in beauty industry research, this comprehensive report is founded on a robust foundation of quantitative and qualitative data analysis, enriched by in-depth insights into the beauty and design realms.


What Awaits You in This Report:

  • Beauty Category-Specific Color Trend Forecast: Explore meticulously curated color trends tailored specifically for cosmetics branding and packaging. Unearth a palette of 35 stunning color shades.

  • Seven Color Moods: Delve into the intricacies of color psychology with a detailed exploration of seven distinct color moods. Understand the emotions and associations these color moods evoke.

  • Precise Color Specifications: Access HEX, RGB, HSB, and PMS color codes, ensuring accurate color replication in your branding and packaging endeavors.

  • Exemplary Brands: Gain inspiration from real-world examples of brands that have effectively harnessed these color trends in various beauty categories.


Beyond Color Codes: The Essence of Beauty Branding: This report is more than just a catalog of color shades; it's a strategic tool for beauty brands navigating the intricate realm of branding and design. Discover how color trends align with demographics and influences, providing you with a holistic understanding of each color mood.

Explore how beauty brands across diverse categories successfully incorporate these color moods into their identity, packaging, and content. Uncover hidden opportunities to infuse your brand with an irresistible allure, resonating with your target audience.

A Meticulously Crafted Forecast: The Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast 2024 is a result of exhaustive research methodologies:

  • Extensive Data Analysis: Over 16,000 beauty products from 3,500 brands were meticulously tagged to identify the most prominent color shades in cosmetics. Brand trends and success metrics were integrated to refine the selection.

  • Cross-Industry Insights: Insights from fashion runways, street fashion, interior design, CPG food brands, wellness brands, and more were harnessed to ensure the color trends' versatility and applicability.

  • Fashion Runway Analysis: Over 4,000 fashion runway looks from the 2023 Spring and Fall shows were analyzed to capture the broader spectrum of color trends.

  • Precision in Color Selection: Pantone specifications were meticulously chosen for each shade, ensuring their real-world adaptability.


Unveil the Palette of Possibilities: Color trends in the beauty industry are a realm of their own, distinct from broader design trends. The Mintoiro Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast for 2024 provides you with a compass to navigate this unique landscape.

Tap into the pulse of beauty aesthetics, explore emerging trends, and craft a brand identity that captivates hearts and minds. The path to timeless beauty begins with understanding the essence of color.


Mintoiro - Guiding Beauty Brands to Unleash Their True Colors. Explore the Beauty Brand Color Trend Forecast for 2024 Today.

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