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Beauty Brand Logo Design Trends & Statistics 2022

In this report I share statistics and trends for beauty brand logos. I choose to include all the brands from all my top trending brands lists. Which is a total of 1709 beauty brands. The factors that are covered here are font type, weight, width, contrast and logo type. All 1709 brands logos have been tagged with these 6 factors and this is what the results were.

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logo changes - upcoming trends

Brands Included


Font Types

By far the most common style for logos is sans serif fonts. You can even see brands who previously were using other fonts move to a more minimalist sans serif style logo. This style of logos has been popular for the past 10 years especially with minimalist designs.


It looks like brands have been moving towards more bold logos regardless of the style of font they are using.



These traits are not always evenly distributed against each other. As a good example serif font logos are much more likely to be high contrast compared to sans serif font logos.


Upper case logos are by far the most common style and more brands seem to be moving towards it.

Logo Type

Common Logo Styles | Sans Serif

The more factors that are included the fewer will be the exact same but this was the most common combination including all.

Here I removed the factor of weight and all other factors being the same there’s a huge increase in how many logo’s have these same traits.

Common Logo Styles | Serif

This is the most common combination for logo’s with serif fonts. This style of logos is really popular in the brand type Modern Minimalist.

Here I removed two of the filters showing a wider range of serif font logos. Generally for logos with serif fonts they tend to be bold with high contrast. You can see this logo style a lot with the brand type I call Selfcare and Chill.

Brands Founded 2021-2022 | Sans Serif Font

A combination of these three traits is the most common style of logo for new brands.

When looking at all 1709 brands 23.72% of brands have these 3 traits. So a slight increase to 25.69%.

Brands Founded 2021-2022 | Serif Font

This is the second most popular logo style when looking at font, contrast and weight. When looking at all 1709 brands the first three combinations have sans serif as the font.

This style of logo has been gaining popularity in the last years. These 3 traits are shared by 7.24% of the 1709 brands.

Logo Changes | Heritage Brands

Other than looking at newly launched brands logos its also interesting to see what brands are changing their logos from and to. Here you can see examples of heritage brands that changed their logos to a more modern bold, sans serif and monoline logo style.

Logo Changes | Bold Sans Serif

You can also see a lot of brands that previously had more light and condensed logos previously changing to a more modern logo.

Logo Changes | High Contrast Serif

Not all brands are trying to look the same. Since the very minimalist sans serif logos have become so prevalent many brands choice to go in another direction to stand out.

Upcoming Trends

Bold Script Fonts

I also wanted to cover some upcoming trends that I think we will see. I think scrip font’s will see an increase as brands will always look to stand out from the crowd. Mostly bold monoline script fonts but also some high contrast ones like the style of Lanolips logo.

Fun Display Fonts

With everything happening in the world people are looking to add fun and color to their lives. And what goes getter with that than a fun colorful logo in a bold display font.

This report has been created from my own original research. I have a database with over 25k beauty brands and 18k products. I work with beauty brands and other companies in the beauty industry as an independent contractor. I mainly offer brand strategy consulting and competitive market research as services. Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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Jennifer Carlsson
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I'm Jennifer Carlsson, a 30 year old strategy consultant, competitive market researcher, data analyst and designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I know more about more beauty brands than anyone else and I'm an expert in what it takes for beauty brands to succeed.
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