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10 Fragrance Brands to Watch in 2023

10 Fragrance Brands to Watch in 2023

10 Fragrance Brands to Watch in 2023

There’s a lot happening in the fragrance category now and these are the 10 fragrance brands I’m paying attention to in 2023. Heritage brands don’t really do it for me and I’m not looking to give them more of a shoutout than I already do in my top beauty brands trending on _insert social media platform_. Honestly I want to do more content where I can just share whatever I think is cool and interesting in the Beauty Industry, so if you want that from me too then like, comment, subscribe and ring that bell or whatever.

If you work for any of the brands mentioned in this post and you haven’t sent me any of your perfumes, then don’t be stingey, send me some.


United States


Founded by Bryan Edwards & Phil Riportella

Brand Type: Modern Minimalist

This brand has some quirky scents and I love the packaging design. A perfume with gasoline notes named “Dead Dinosaur” that comes in iridescent packaging reminiscent of an oil spill? You got my attention.




Founded by Anthony Nasr

Brand Type: Eco Luxe

Lovely solid perfume from Australian brand Odesse. The refillable case feels heavy and luxurious. It has the perfect texture; I never feel like I get too much or too little and it never feels at all greasy. I have the Hotel Jasmine, which has notes of Jasmine, Saffron and Cedar. I love layering it together with my other fragrances.

Boy Smells

United States


Founded by Matthew Herman and David Kien

Boy Smells is a genderful brand that initially started with candles and later added perfume to their lineup. As a non-binary person frustrated with the beauty industry equating “genderless” as bland black and white packaging; I appreciate what Boy Smells is doing.

Bel Rebel

United Kingdom


Founded by Natalia M.

Brand Type: Modern Minimalist

You had me at Bubblegum. Peach Me sounds delicious too.

The 7 Virtues



Founded by Barbara Stegemann

Brand Type: Alchemy

I love gourmands and The 7 Virtues has some of the smoothest and gorgeous gourmands out there. Vanilla Woods is my current favorite fragrance, and I somehow loved every one of the scents in their discovery set. The brand is very passionate about ethical sourcing of ingredients and their perfumes are hypoallergenic. This is a brand you can feel good about supporting.


South Korea


Founded by Jun Lim

Brand Type: Modern Minimalist

I mean just look how gritty and dirty this is. With fragrance names like Dirty Rice, NSFW, Unholy Oud, Burnt Roses, Mud and Not Vanilla. I love the edge and it makes me super curious.




Founded by Karl Winters

Overose was the winner of the fragrance category for Beauty Design Awards 2022 (the award I created). The packaging is just awesome and their scents are delicious.




Founded by Ben Gorham

They have been around for a long time but whenever I’m by Åhlens in central Stockholm and check out some of their new fragrances I’m interested again.


United Kingdom


Founded by Yasmin Sewell

Brand Type: Alchemy

Vyrao aims to create fragrances that will energize you, and honestly who doesn’t need that?


United States


Founded by David Seth and Kavi Moltz

Brand Type: Apothecary Lab

Have you read the copy on their website? Funniest shit I’ve seen. For a sample read the notes and description for their Pistachio perfume. IYKYK. I Have not tried their fragrances yet, but I want to. Especially Pistachio and Steamed Rainbow.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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