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Brand Design Study: Simihaze Beauty

Unveiling Simihaze Beauty: A Study in Minimalist Design

In the crowded and competitive beauty market, Simihaze Beauty attempts to carve out a niche with its unique minimalist visual identity. In this brand study, we will scrutinize Simihaze’s distinctive elements—from their logo and color scheme to their packaging design. We'll also explore the evolution of their imagery and photography style, revealing how these components blend to articulate the brand's identity and appeal to a contemporary audience.

Join us as we unpack the aesthetic and functional aspects of Simihaze Beauty, assessing its efforts to establish a unique space in the beauty industry through design that embodies modern minimalism.

Behind the Brand: The Philosophy and Vision of Simihaze Beauty

US based brand Simihaze Beauty, founded by twin sisters Simi and Haze in 2021, embodies a unique blend of dualities such as AM and PM, and minimal and maximal aesthetics. Their brand philosophy centers on enhancing natural beauty through expressive, fun, and high-quality makeup products. Each product is crafted to be as individual as the wearer, housed in sculptural packaging that reflects the twins' love for fine art. This approach positions makeup as a tool for expression, not just coverage, highlighting the brand's commitment to creativity and quality.

Logo Analysis: The Evolution of Simihaze’s Visual Signature

Simihaze Beauty's logo selection—a stark, boxy sans serif—strikes an unconventional note within their overall brand design, which leans towards the sleek and artistic. The logo's robust form may inadvertently echo a bygone era, potentially at odds with the brand's modern and minimalist aspirations. The heavy-set typography could be seen as a misstep, hinting at an outdated aesthetic that the brand has transcended in other areas.

Recognizing this, Simihaze Beauty has wisely tempered the use of their full logo, opting instead for a more subdued application on their products. The brand frequently features a monogram, an embossed icon that distils the logo to its essence. This adaptation is far more in harmony with the refined elegance of their product design. It’s in this understated implementation that the logo finds its rightful place—serving as an elegant visual cue rather than a dominant feature. By reserving the full-throttle impact of their logotype for select branding collateral and employing the more refined icon on their products, Simihaze Beauty maintains the aesthetic integrity of their packaging, allowing the sophistication of the product to take center stage.

Color Dynamics: Crafting Simihaze's Visual Identity

Simihaze Beauty's color scheme is thoughtfully designed to enhance its brand identity, combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. Each color is selected to differentiate product lines while supporting a cohesive visual theme.

The palette features vibrant mint green, calming soft yellow and dusty sky blue, with crisp white used as a strategic base to enhance surrounding colors. In contrast, bold lacquer red adds dynamism, warm pastel pink aligns with contemporary tastes, deep indigo blue blends traditional and modern influences, and soft grey offers balance. Rich chocolate brown provides a luxurious anchor.

Overall, these colors are not only chosen for their visual appeal but also for their role in product differentiation, supporting the brand’s minimalist ethos and enhancing the user's visual experience.

Typography Choices: Balancing Simplicity and Style at Simihaze

Simihaze Beauty's approach to typography is defined by minimalism, particularly on their product packaging, which allows the design and color to stand out with minimal textual distraction. This approach underscores the brand's commitment to a clean and streamlined visual presentation.

Digitally, the brand uses a typewriter font on social media for an industrial feel and a sans serif font on their website which is a bit plainer but is easy to read, both feel appropriate for the brands overall style.

Design Distinction: Simihaze's Minimalist Approach to Packaging

Simihaze uses chunky cylindrical shapes with soft rounded corners, emphasizing form and texture without unnecessary decoration. These uniquely shaped components stand out compared to the typical bland black packaging that is typical of many premium makeup brands.It's a bold choice to forgo any typography on the primary packaging, not even the brand name is featured, just an embossed monogram logo on the top of each product. It’s a choice that shows confidence and together with the monochrome colors for each products creates a sleek modern look.

Visual Storytelling: The Artistic Shift in Simihaze's Photography

Simihaze Beauty has significantly evolved its photographic approach from its earlier conventional style, which featured uniform white backgrounds and even, diffused lighting. Although effective for highlighting product details, this method lacked depth and narrative impact.


Now, Simihaze employs a dynamic and modernist photographic style, shifting away from flat lighting to use creative lighting and thoughtfully arranged scenes that enhance the interplay of color, shape, and shadow. This transition reflects the brand’s growth in aesthetic and philosophical approaches to product presentation.


The current style is characterized by bold contrasts and nuanced textures that enhance the sensory appeal, with strategic lighting creating a multidimensional effect. Products are positioned as central figures in each visual narrative, supported by organic, deliberate arrangements that engage viewers.


Reflective and translucent elements add clarity and a touch of luxury, while a carefully chosen color palette supports the brand's theme of duality, blending soft pastels with deeper tones within a minimalist framework.


Overall, Simihaze's evolved photography not only highlights its products but also effectively communicates the brand’s identity and its adherence to contemporary minimalist design trends, with a distinctive twist that enhances its unique ethos.

Strategic Insights: Assessing Simihaze Beauty’s Market Impact

This analysis of Simihaze Beauty has highlighted the brand's strategic approach in a competitive market through its distinctive minimalist visual identity. The brand's approach is exemplified by its thoughtful design elements, each tailored to reinforce its minimalist ethos while enhancing consumer engagement.


Simihaze Beauty's concerted efforts in design and branding underscore a clear vision for its identity within the beauty industry. With how crowded the beauty market is going for unique custom packaging can make a huge difference and make the brand stand out. Their investment into higher quality and more engaging photography style on Instagram has also paid off for the brand, on my annual Top Trending Makeup Brands on Instagram 2023 list they are ranked 122, which is up +68 from the previous year. It’s not enough to have great product formulations, the packaging and visual presentation of the brand also need to stand out for consumers to give the products a chance in the first place. Simihaze shows that making the investment into unique packaging and high-quality photography is well worth it.

Thank you for reading! If you want to learn more about brands like Simihaze you can find it in my report on the Modern Minimalist Beauty Brand Archetype, in which Simihaze is included.


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