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Modern Minimalist - Rising Trend in Skincare

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Introduction to Modern Minimalist

The Modern Minimalist brand type and trend in skincare represents a fusion of innovation, transparency, and inclusivity, appealing particularly to Millennials.


Characterized by minimalist, monochromatic design with either big bold typography or very subtle embosses, these brands often embody gender-neutral and multi-functional values. Led by visionary founders, they reflect a growing preference for simplicity and effectiveness in skincare. Brands like Rhode, Humanrace, Dieux, Eadem, Good Light and Superegg are notable examples in this category, each bringing unique elements to the minimalist approach, from product formulation to packaging. This trend signifies a shift towards skincare that prioritizes both aesthetics and practicality.

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Rhode skin's minimalist monochrome packaging

Rhode Skin

In 2023, Rhode Skin has emerged as a standout player in the skincare market, especially on social media platforms like Instagram. Founded by Hailey Bieber, Rhode Skin has effectively leveraged its founder's celebrity status to create a strong brand presence, resonating particularly with younger demographics who are heavily influenced by celebrity endorsements and social media trends. The brand's strategy revolves around minimalism and essentialism, focusing on a limited range of products that promise high-quality, nourishing ingredients. This approach not only simplifies skincare routines but also aligns with the growing consumer preference for transparency and sustainability in beauty products. Rhode Skin's Instagram presence is characterized by a clean aesthetic and engaging content, blending product information with lifestyle elements. This has allowed the brand to cultivate a community of followers who value both the effectiveness of the products and the lifestyle ethos that Rhode Skin represents.

I also think it’s worth mentioning Rhode’s stand out creative direction when it comes to lifestyle photography on Instagram, it’s a sometimes gritty and dirty while other times crisp and clear retro futurism that’s difficult to imitate. brand's success on Instagram is a testament to the power of social media in shaping consumer preferences and brand perceptions in today's digital-first beauty market.

Humanrace's minimalist monochrome packaging with subtle embossing


Humanrace, a skincare brand co-founded by music icon and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, epitomizes the Modern Minimalist trend in skincare. Launched with a mission to offer all-gender wellness products, the brand is known for its simple and yet effective formulations. Humanrace focuses on creating products that are both functional and inclusive, catering to a broad spectrum of skin types and concerns. The brand's minimalist aesthetic is reflected in its clean, monochromatic design, appealing to consumers who value both form and function in their skincare choices.

Eadem's products with the brand name in big bold text.


Eadem stands out in the 2023 skincare landscape for its innovative and inclusive approach, particularly gaining traction on Instagram. This brand distinguishes itself by focusing on the unique skincare needs of people of color, a segment often overlooked in the beauty industry. Eadem's products are formulated with melanin-rich skin in mind, addressing specific concerns such as hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. This targeted approach has not only filled a significant gap in the market but also resonated with a community seeking representation and solutions tailored to their needs. On Instagram, Eadem skillfully combines educational content with authentic storytelling, showcasing the science behind its products while highlighting diverse beauty narratives. The brand's most notable product, the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum, has received acclaim for its effectiveness and thoughtful formulation. Eadem's success on social media can be attributed to its ability to forge a deep connection with its audience through a shared understanding of cultural and dermatological nuances. This strategy has not only elevated the brand’s profile on platforms like Instagram but also signified a broader industry shift towards inclusivity and personalized skincare solutions.


Dieux's products shown in an angelic cloud aesthetic. the packaging is white and baby blue.


The US based skincare brand Dieux, founded by Charlotte Palermino, Joyce de Lemos & Marta Freedman, has carved out a niche with its transparent and science-backed approach. This brand stands apart for its commitment to demystifying skincare, providing consumers with clear, evidence-based information about its products. A key aspect of Dieux's appeal is its focus on sustainability and efficacy, evident in products like the reusable Forever Eye Mask, which has gained significant attention for reducing waste in beauty routines. On Instagram, Dieux effectively engages with its audience through educational content and behind-the-scenes insights into product development, fostering a sense of community and trust. The brand's transparent pricing model, which breaks down the cost of ingredients and production, has been well-received in a market where consumers are increasingly scrutinizing the value and ethics behind their purchases. Dieux's strategy of blending scientific integrity with environmental consciousness has not only set new standards in the beauty industry but also resonated strongly with a consumer base eager for authenticity and sustainability. The brand's growing popularity on Instagram underscores a shifting paradigm in beauty consumerism, where informed, conscious choices are becoming paramount.


Good Light's lifestyle photography, the brand logo is big in a serif font.

Good Light

In 2023, Good Light has emerged as a notable presence in the skincare industry, particularly on platforms like Instagram, where it champions inclusivity and holistic wellness. This brand stands out for its commitment to creating skincare products that are not only effective but also cater to a diverse audience, regardless of gender or skin type. Good Light's ethos is rooted in the belief that skincare is an extension of self-care and self-acceptance, a message that resonates deeply with today's socially conscious consumers. On Instagram, the brand effectively utilizes a mix of vibrant imagery, empowering narratives, and transparent product information to engage its audience. Good Light's approach to marketing, focusing on authenticity and emotional connectivity, has helped it build a loyal community on social media, illustrating the increasing importance of brand values in consumer decision-making processes in the beauty industry. The brand’s success on Instagram reflects a broader trend towards inclusivity and ethical responsibility in skincare, signaling a shift in how brands are expected to interact with and represent their diverse consumer base.

Superegg's iconic round packaging, minimalist apothecary style typography.


Superegg, a distinctive player in the skincare scene, has captured attention on Instagram for its innovative approach inspired by the nutritional power of eggs. This brand uniquely positions itself in the market by offering a range of products that mimic the composition and benefits of egg extracts, catering to a clientele seeking both novelty and efficacy in skincare. On Instagram, Superegg's visually compelling content, featuring its sleek and minimalist product design, effectively communicates the brand's core message of blending nature with science. The brand's signature product, the 'Sound Renewal Moisturizer,' has been particularly noted for its unique formulation and the promise of delivering egg-like benefits to the skin, such as hydration and nourishment. Superegg’s approach to harnessing the power of natural ingredients, coupled with its engaging social media presence, exemplifies the evolving landscape of the beauty industry, where creativity and sustainability are key drivers in captivating the modern, health-conscious consumer.

Pictures from Dieux, Superegg and Eadem

As we observe the trajectories of brands like Rhode Skin, Humanrace, Eadem, Dieux, Good Light, and Superegg, a common thread emerges in the skincare industry for 2023. The 'Modern Minimalist' trend is not just about aesthetic appeal; it represents a deeper shift in consumer values towards mindfulness, inclusivity, and environmental consciousness. These brands have skillfully harnessed the power of social media, particularly Instagram, to cultivate communities that value authenticity and transparency in their skincare choices. The success of these brands illustrates a growing consumer demand for products that are not only visually appealing and effective but also ethically produced and inclusive in their approach. This trend reflects a maturing market where consumers are increasingly informed and discerning, seeking brands that align with their personal values and lifestyle choices. The 'Modern Minimalist' movement in skincare, therefore, is more than a trend; it's a paradigm shift that signifies a new era in beauty where simplicity, integrity, and inclusivity are paramount.

Pictures from Rhode Skin and Humanrace

Key Takeaways

  • Minimalist design, big bold typography or subtle embossing.

  • Gender-neutral, multi-functional products.

  • Focus on simplicity, effectiveness, and sustainability.

  • Brands leveraging Instagram for community and lifestyle engagement.

  • Shift towards ethical, transparent, and inclusive skincare.

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This trend analysis is based on skincare brands performance on Instagram for all of 2023.


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