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Review of the 8 Aluminum Free Deodorants That I've Tried

Review of the 8 Aluminum Free Deodorants That I've Tried

What are the benefits of using Aluminum Free Deodorant?

There’s one simple reason to why I don’t want to use deodorant with Aluminum in it; yellow pit stains. A lot of people don’t know this but, yellow pit stains are caused by your sweat mixing with aluminum in your deodorant. So, if this is a problem you are having then you might also want to try finding an aluminum free deodorant that works for you! If you don’t have this problem, there’s really no reason to avoid aluminum in your deodorant. It’s an effective antiperspirant, not only does it make you not stink it also makes you sweat less. For me yellow pit stains have been an issue so join me on my journey through finding a deodorant that works and that I enjoy using.

Lush T'eo
$9.64 | 90 g
Cruelty Free | Vegan
Plastic Free Packaging


This is by far the worst of all the deodorant I’ve tried, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I could not figure out any way to apply it that wouldn’t scrape my skin and once on it felt stinging on my skin and I started to get a rash right away. Most likely my skin reacting to the high concentration of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in this product. I had to wash it off almost right away. It doesn’t matter how sustainable not having any packaging if the product is useless.

Schmidt's Rose & Vanilla Deo Stick
$7.90 | 75 g
Cruelty Free | Vegan

Schmidt's Rose & Vanilla Deo Stick

This deodorant is a huge step up from the one I tried from Lush. The rose & vanilla scent is pleasant, I would say it’s heavy on the rose and light on the vanilla. It’s relatively easy to apply, it feels a bit sticky but dries down pretty good. I used it for a bit but couldn’t finish it myself because I noticed over time that it was causing a rash in my pits, it’s lower on the ingredient list but the sodium bicarbonate is still there, and I think it was causing the issue. My partner used it up and didn’t have any issues. So, if you are not sensitive to baking soda in deodorant this could be an affordable option.

Kopari Coconut Deo - Original
$14 | 57 g
Cruelty Free | Vegan
Baking Soda Free

Coconut Deo – original

This deodorant was the first aluminum free deodorant that I loved; I’ve repurchased this a couple times. It smells amazing, a tropical soft sweet coconut vanilla scent. It easily glides onto the skin and goes on clear. It doesn’t feel sticky at all, and I smell great all day. Kopari has a bunch of other scent options for this deodorant and another formulation that is supposed to be extra effective. I found this deodorant works great for me though when I gave one to my mom to try, she didn’t have the same success sadly.

The Lekker Company Peppermint and Rosemary Deodorant
$8.84 | 30 g
Cruelty Free | Vegan
Plastic Free Packaging

Peppermint and Rosemary Deodorant

The packaging is cute, and the peppermint rosemary scent is fresh. The Lekker Company has a bunch of other fresh scent options. I’m not a huge fan of dipping my fingers into a tub of deodorant. That said it does apply smoothly. Sadly, this deodorant also gives me the same issues with the sodium bicarbonate and in this case also my partner could use it without getting this issue. The packaging is made of paper which is a great sustainable option, so if you want something sustainably packaged and you’re not sensitive to baking soda it’s worth trying.

Wellow Natural Deodorant Coconut & Vanilla
$12 | 50 g
Cruelty Free
Plastic Free Packaging

Natural Deodorant Coconut & Vanilla

Nice looking paper packaging and a lovely, sweet vanilla & coconut scent. It goes on easily though I find it can be a bit sticky and I can get a bit of white staining on clothes. Even though it also has sodium bicarbonate I don’t have issues with irritation with this deodorant. I did finish it up but if I’m being honest not until I ran out of the other deodorant that I like more.

Respire Organic Solid Deodorant effective 48h Cotton Flower
$13.26 | 50 g
Cruelty Free | Vegan
Baking Soda Free
Plastic Free Packaging

Organic Solid Deodorant effective 48h Cotton Flower

Another deodorant in paper packaging and this one is my favorite of the plastic free options. The cotton scent is soft and fresh. It easily glides on, and I smell super fresh all day. It’s not typically the kind of fragrance I would go for, but I liked it more than I expected, and I would be interested in trying their other fragrance options since I like the formulation. This deodorant is baking soda free, so I had no issues with irritation.

Rio de Janeiro Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant
$16 | 57 g
Cruelty Free | Vegan
Baking Soda Free

Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant

If you’re a fan of Sol de Janeiro’s sweet signature scent, then you will love this deodorant! It smells so good all day. I feel like the formulation is a bit too soft, so I felt like I was constantly getting more product than I wanted resulting in it being a bit sticky and the deodorant running out relatively quickly. Perhaps with more careful application this can be avoided. This formulation has no sodium bicarbonate so no irritation at all.

Truly Unicorn Fruit Skin Brightening and Smoothing Deodorant
$16 | 85 g
Cruelty Free | Vegan
Baking Soda Free

Unicorn Fruit Skin Brightening and Smoothing Deodorant

As soon as I saw this new deodorant from Truly drop, I felt like I had to get it. I already knew I was running out, so it was perfect timing. I knew I would love the fragrance because their perfume with the same fragrance is one of my current favorites. It was also baking soda free so I felt confident it wouldn’t cause irritation. I was completely right, love the fragrance and no irritation. It’s a bit on the soft side but not at all as much as the one from Sol de Janeiro. They cost the same, but you get 85 g instead of the 57 g you get from Sol de Janeiro. I just started using it recently and so far, I’m enjoying it.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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