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Millennial Minimalist Beauty Brand Archetype Report 2023

Millennial Minimalist Beauty Brand Archetype Report 2023

Experience the essence of prestige and simplicity with Mintoiro's Millennial Minimalist Beauty Brand Archetype Report for 2023. Crafted by Jennifer Carlsson, this report unveils brands that define the modern millennial beauty experience with their monochrome pastel packaging, minimalist typography, and a commitment to premium, plant-based, and gentle formulations.


Why Millennial Minimalist is the Epitome of Elegance:

  • Tailored Insights: Bid farewell to generic beauty trends and embrace brands that epitomize millennial sophistication. Recognize these brands by their monochrome pastel packaging and minimalist sans serif typography, a signature of millennial favorites like Laneige, Kylie Skin, Darling Sun, Glossier, and Gisou.

  • Premium & Pure: If you aim to create beauty products that exude premium quality, are plant-based, and gentle, this report is your roadmap. Uncover the secrets to crafting products that resonate with discerning millennial consumers.

  • Categories of Elegance: Millennial Minimalist spans diverse categories, including Skincare, Makeup, Sunscreen, Bodycare, and Haircare, offering a comprehensive view of how this archetype thrives across different beauty segments.


Inside the Report:

  • A Wealth of Data: Dive into insights on 90 Millennial Minimalist brands, revealing their design trends, color palettes, and logo designs, unlocking the core of their minimalist appeal.

  • Visual Trends: Immerse yourself in the world of aesthetics with seven lifestyle photography trends that perfectly capture the essence of Millennial Minimalist.

  • Pricing with Poise: Gain a competitive edge with product pricing data across 20 categories, enabling you to create a pricing strategy that aligns with premium expectations.

  • Retailer Spotlight: Identify the key players and top retailers that resonate with Millennial Minimalist brands, offering vital insights for your distribution strategy.


The Essence of Archetypes: Unlike traditional trend reports, we embrace a holistic approach. Our brand archetypes transcend product categories, focusing instead on aesthetics, values, selling points, and pricing. This ensures that you can identify and connect with brands that align seamlessly with your target audience.

Embark on a refined journey with the Millennial Minimalist Beauty Brand Archetype Report 2023, a transformative addition to our series of brand archetype reports. This report empowers you with the insights and inspiration needed to elevate your brand, connect with millennial consumers, and thrive in the world of beauty. Explore a realm where elegance meets simplicity.


Target Audience: Millennials

Average Price: $32

Selling Points: Premium, Plant-Based & Gentle

Categories: Skincare, Makeup, Sunscreen, Bodycare & Haircare


Report Includes

  • 90 Brands
  • Design Trends
  • Color Trends
  • Logo Design Trends
  • 7 Lifestyle Photography Trends
  • Product Pricing for 20 Categories
  • Top Retailers
  • Pages


  • File Format


  • Date Published


  • Created by

    Jennifer Carlsson - Mintoiro

  • Available Discount

    Buy 2 or more Beauty Brands Archetype Reports for 20% off your purchase.


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