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Friendly Fun Beauty Brand Archetype Report 2023

Friendly Fun Beauty Brand Archetype Report 2023

Embrace the enchantment of pastel colors and glittering sparkles as we unveil the Friendly Fun Beauty Brand Archetype Report for 2023, exclusively brought to you by Mintoiro. Authored by Jennifer Carlsson, a leading expert in beauty brands, this report is your gateway to a world filled with positivity, inclusivity, and engaging aesthetics.


Key Features:

  • Tailored Insights: Bid farewell to generic beauty trends. Our Friendly Fun Beauty Brand Archetype Report offers a deep dive into a captivating world of brands that thrive on cute pastel hues and sparkling charm. Discover how these brands craft their messaging around inclusivity and positivity, captivating the hearts of Gen Z consumers.

  • Budget-Friendly Brilliance: If you aim to create beauty products that are cute, affordable, and emotionally engaging, this report is your golden ticket. Learn how to create products that capture the imagination of consumers without putting a dent in their wallets.

  • Cross-Category Appeal: Friendly Fun transcends traditional boundaries. This report covers a wide spectrum, including Skincare, Makeup, Sunscreen, Bodycare, and Haircare, showcasing how this archetype excels across various segments of the beauty industry.


Inside the Report:

  • A Wealth of Insights: Navigate through a treasure trove of data, including detailed profiles of 101 Friendly Fun brands. Explore their design trends, color palettes, and logo designs to unearth the secrets behind their enchanting appeal.

  • Visual Inspiration: Immerse yourself in the world of aesthetics with our comprehensive exploration of seven lifestyle photography trends that speak the language of Friendly Fun.

  • Strategic Pricing: Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive product pricing data across 20 categories, enabling you to craft a pricing strategy that resonates with your target audience.

  • Retailer Spotlight: Identify the key players and top retailers that have successfully embraced the Friendly Fun archetype, providing valuable insights for your distribution strategy.


Unveil the Power of Archetypes: Unlike conventional trend reports, we adopt a holistic approach. We've crafted brand archetypes that transcend the constraints of product categories. Our focus is on aesthetics, values, selling points, and pricing, allowing you to connect with brands that align seamlessly with your objectives.


Embark on a captivating journey with the Friendly Fun Beauty Brand Archetype Report 2023, a vital addition to our series of brand archetype reports. Let this report empower you with the insights and inspiration needed to elevate your brand, connect with Gen Z consumers, and flourish in the realm of beauty. Seize this opportunity to shine in the world of inclusivity and enchantment.


Target Audience: Gen Z

Average Price: $18

Selling Points: Cute & Affordable

Categories: Skincare, Makeup, Sunscreen, Bodycare & Haircare


Report Includes

  • 101 Brands
  • Design Trends
  • Color Trends
  • Logo Design Trends
  • 7 Lifestyle Photography Trends
  • Product Pricing for 20 Categories
  • Top Retailers
  • Pages


  • File Format


  • Date Published


  • Created by

    Jennifer Carlsson - Mintoiro

  • Available Discount

    Buy 2 or more Beauty Brands Archetype Reports for 20% off your purchase


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