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Dr. Pawpaw's Your Gorgeous Skin

Dr. Pawpaw's Your Gorgeous Skin

Your Gorgeous Skin Launch Event

Earlier this year I was invited to attend the brand launch event for Your Gorgeous Skin, a new skincare brand created by Dr.PawPaw. I went all the way from Stockholm to London! It was great meeting co-founders Johnny & Pauline Paterson, they are both delightful people that I'm glad I got the chance to meet in person (would love to go out to eat with you all again sometime!). In this post I want to talk a bit about the brand, what I think and some thoughts on how I might of designed the packaging differently if I was the one designing it.

Johnny & Pauline Paterson, Co-Founders of Dr. PawPaw and Your Gorgeous Skin
Johnny & Pauline Paterson, Co-Founders of Dr.PawPaw and Your Gorgeous Skin at the Brand Launch Event.

What do I think of the products?

I think the products definitely live up to what they set out to create. All the products feel very gentle and soothing. I think that compared to products in the same price group these products are all good options. I think my favorite product in the lineup is the cleansing balm, it has a mild fruity scent to it and does a pretty good job getting off my makeup and works perfectly fine without using another cleanser after (some cleansing balms can leave a greasy residue, none of that here!).

Dr. Pawpaw's Your Gorgeous Skin

Let's talk about the design

First thing I want to say is that I do like the colors they choose. I would say they look even better in person than in the photos (perhaps some editing of the colors in the photos could make them pop more). The colors are fun and on trend, so no complaints there at all! I like that each product has a different color, it makes it easier to tell them apart. However I feel like the typography is a bit of a mess and just for fun I decided to play around with how I might of designed it differently.

Dr. Pawpaw's Your Gorgeous Skin packaging design

Since this is just a design exercise I simplified the shape of the product to use as a base and re-created something close to the original design to work from. You can see bellow A is the original design and B is my approximate recreation of it.

Most of the text is justified right, which on the cleansing balm ends up with three lines all ending in "oil" with the last part lined up right over each other. The 3in1 text is not justified right like the other text which makes it feel a bit out of place. In my first edit C I mostly just centered the typography and changed out the fonts while keeping the styling of the text.

Iterations of redesigning Your Gorgeous Face

For the next edit D I made changed to the stylization of the type too. Making the words "Cleansing Balm" bold and uppercase. Knowing that it's a cleansing balm should be high up in the visual hierarchy. In the original design A it's emphasized by making this text bigger than the rest, though I think the result is a bit messy. Making the text bold and uppercase still makes the text stand out but in a way that looks cleaner, allowing for more blank space in the design.

I also tried my hand at creating a slightly different version of the Your Gorgeous Skin logo. I wanted to keep the layout and font types the same, sans serif font with a script font in the middle. For the sans serif font I choose a bold clean sans serif that is not condensed (it's futura, my go to). For the script font I went with a monoline script font that's a bit more cute and playful. I could spend hours trying different script fonts, so I settled for this one, but there might be another monoline script font that would be a better fit. I also made the Dr.PawPaw logo a bit smaller since "Your Gorgeous Skin" should be the star of the show with Dr.PawPaw lending it's consumer trust. In the original design it feels like the logos are fighting for your attention.

I decided to remove the 3in1, since to me it evokes -7in1 Men's bodywash, shampoo, conditioner etc etc-. In this context it doesn't completely make sense for me anyway.

For the last design E I changed out the placement of the product name and ingredient shoutout. Having the ingredients at the bottom felt a bit like they were floating outside of the frame. Now we have the bold "Cleansing Balm" at the bottom framing the layout.

Original vs Redesign Comparison

Here you can see a comparison of the original design and my final version of how I would of designed it. I wanted to share my thought process of why and how I would of changed it. I'm sure there are tons of different ways it could be designed. I'm sure there are people that would prefer the original! Which one do you like best?

All the Your Gorgeous Skin products redesigned

Here's the rest of the products designed the same as my final version. I think they look cute all lined up together.

I'm considering doing more redesign of beauty products, let me know if there's any specific brands you would like to see my take on!

Friendly Fun

Your Gorgeous Face is featured in my Friendly Fun Beauty Brand Archetype Report. Check out the report for more cute Gen Z brands.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


I did receive the products in PR, this post is not sponsored and I had no obligation to post anything in exchange.

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