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Beauty Brand Breakdown: Obayaty

Obayaty Swedish Men's Skincare and Makeup Brand

A Closer Look at Obayaty: A New Force in Men’s Skincare and Makeup

As a beauty brand strategy expert, I continually explore how brands navigate the competitive landscape. Today, we will take a closer look at Obayaty. This post will dissect their branding, sustainability claims, and product positioning to understand how they aim to carve out their niche.

Lineup of Obayaty's products

Introduction to Obayaty

Obayaty is a Swedish beauty brand established in 2023, specializing in men's skincare and makeup. Their collection includes intuitive, easy-to-use products that promise an instant fresh look and long-term skin benefits. The claim to be committed to sustainability and high-performing ingredients, Obayaty aims to enhance everyday well-being and self-care. Their product line features skincare, makeup and nail polish, all designed to integrate seamlessly into men's grooming routines.

Obayaty's sleek dark grey metallic packaging

Packaging Design

“Meticulous attention to detail is embodied in the packaging that becomes an object of desire. Embracing simplicity to become intuitively obvious in form and function while delivering high performance product that improves everyday wellbeing.”

The most compelling aspect of Obayaty, in my opinion, is their unique packaging design and modern photography style, which beautifully presents their products. Obayaty's packaging stands out due to its thoughtful and meticulous design. Each product features custom, minimalist packaging with a tactile surface, demonstrating the significant effort invested in creating an exceptional visual and physical experience.

Obayaty Eyeshadow sticks and concealers

The Modern Man

“OBAYATY explores an alternative path into the landscape of beauty. Celebrating a modern, more inclusive interpretation of masculinity through cosmetics and a new personal aesthetic for men, with design, craftmanship and luxury at the heart.”

Obayaty explores an alternative path into the beauty landscape, celebrating a modern, more inclusive interpretation of masculinity through cosmetics. Their approach contrasts with brands that overly emphasize stereotypical masculinity, such as War Paint: For Men. Obayaty offers a refreshing take by crafting a sophisticated, luxury experience without being overtly gendered.

Obayaty green tea lipbalm

Gender-Specific Formulations

“FORMULA UNIQUELY DEVELOPED FOR MEN - All formulas are consciously created to address male concerns. Instant results and long-term benefits. Obayaty products act effectively as both skin care and make-up. All active ingredients were carefully chosen to make difference.”

Obayaty claims their formulas are uniquely developed for men, addressing specific male concerns with instant results and long-term benefits. While targeting men is acceptable, creating a masculine beauty brand without positioning it exclusively for men could broaden appeal. Brands like Aesop and Grown Alchemist are popular with men without specifically targeting them. The necessity of different formulations for men and women remains debatable.

Obayaty's refill components and secondary packaging

Sustainability Concerns

“Obayaty uses eco pumps, no-metal springs to reduce waste, and refill bottles crafted from mono material – detachable for easy recycling. Creating with hope to become fully circular.”

However, I am skeptical about their sustainability claims. Even though the refill component is made of a mono-material, it is still plastic, and plastic recycling, quite frankly, is a scam. Using beautifully designed aluminum packaging, even if not refillable, would have been a more elegant and sustainable solution. I don’t think a brand counting on plastic recycling as part of their loop can ever be considered circular.


Sadly, Obayaty’s sustainability efforts rely on the false premise that plastic is recyclable. I honestly hope they can find a solution that is actually sustainable in the future.

Final Thoughts on Obayaty

Despite these concerns, I’m still intrigued and excited to see how this brand will evolve in the future. It’s a unique and exciting brand with a lot of potential.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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