Brand Design Study: Noosa Basics

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

What is Noosa Basics?

Noosa Basics is a cosmetics brand based in Noosa Australia. They make natural and organic personal care products. All their products are certified vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil free. They take a lot of care in making their products good for people and the enviorment.

Aluminum Free Organic Deodorant

I wanted to take a look at the design of their aluminum free organic deodorants. All of their deodorants are aluminum free and vegan. People have a lot of different preferences for what type of deodorant they like, they offer theirs as a solid stick, roll on or cream.

They make an effort to avoid plastics for their packaging when possible. The cream deodorant comes in a tin and the roll on has a glass bottle.


They offer eight different scents which are each signified by their own color. The colours are all muted in a down to earth pallet and the scents are all based on natural ingredients. All eight scents are available for all three types of deodorants. This makes it easy to find the scent you like if you want to try another type of deodorant.


The typography looks modern and simple. The title font is a pretty straight forward sans serif font with slightly rounded corners making it a bit softer. The secondary font is almost a sans serif, it has slabs on some of the letters. This kind of slabs are often used in typewritter fonts which gives it a little bit of a rustic feel without sacrificing the clean design.


Noosa basics is certified cruelty free and vegan by Choose Cruelty Free, though I didnt find that out from them but from them. They use their own icons that look like stamps to say they are vegan & cruelty free which makes the design more coherent but I think they should have communicated more clearly which certification they have at least on their website.


To build trust its important to have all information a customer would want easily available. You can read all of Noosa Basics ingredients on their website and they use ingreadients that are easy to understand. A common practice that cosmetics companies use to hide ingredients is by listing them under the vague name 'perfume' or 'fragrance'. This does not legally need to be disclosed because its considered a trade secret. Theres really no saying how many ingredients or what ingredients are hiding behind those terms. The more ingredients a product has the more people will have a skin reaction to it. So clearly and transparently listing what your product is scented with builds trust with customers.

Why aluminum free?

Theres a lot of ingredients that consumers avoid for different reasons. One issue that a lot of people don't know about is that aluminum causes yellow pit stains you can get on your shirts. The yellow discoloration is causes by a chemical reaction between aluminum and your sweat.


Aluminum free deodorants often use baking soda to kill bacteria, but some people with sensitive skin can get skin irritation from baking soda. Noosa Basics deodorants with the scents Coconut & Lime and Orange Sweet & Lavender are baking soda free and instead use magnesium for odor control.

What have I learned from this?

Customers are becoming more and more aware and interested in enviormentally friendly options for all kinds of producs. It's easier for smaller brands to control their supply line more directly to make better choices which can give an advantage over huge corporations that really don't know. Being transparent and having clear information builds trust with customers.

Thanks for reading!

//Jennifer Carlsson


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