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5 Colorful Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands

I love colorful packaging and these brands are both colorful and really lovely. Pretty packaging really adds to the experience of using skincare products. Here are five really fun cruelty-free brands you should check out! Personally I've bought several products from Glow Recipe and I loved all of them. I would love to try all the other brands too.

Elate Cosmetics

Cruelty Free

Kinship offers products created by scientists and industry experts, they boast about their effectiveness! Their products are made with natural ingredients and aim to balance your own skin barrier. To be more sustainable they use post-consumer recycled materials and minimal packaging.

Havu cosmetics wooden packaging lipstick

Cruelty Free


Lani try to minimize the use of plastic, they use glass jars and bottles for their products. Their products are very natural and while I wouldn't say they are very cheap, they are relatively affordable compared to many other natural beauty brands. They use high quality, food grade ingredients and all their products are 100% vegan! Lani is independently owned.

Cruelty Free

Glow Recipe offers k-beauty inspired natural, fruit-powered skincare products in beautiful pastel packaging. They have different colors on their products depending on what fruit is the main ingredient. Their most iconic is their pink watermelon series! All their products smell sooo good and have really nice texture.

Iuvo Skincare

Cruelty Free


Function of beauty first had a focus on haircare with their customizable shampoo and conditioner. They have in last year launched their skincare products that also have the same idea of customizability. So far they offer a cleanser, moisturizer and serum. The matte gradient pastel packaging is sooo pretty!


Cruelty Free


Otzi is a very new brand that was launched as a collaboration between South Korean MBX and Sephora. It's targeted towards Gen Z and riding on the growing popularity of k-beauty.

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05 jul 2023

this was amazing tysm!


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