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Beauty Packaging Trend 2021: Monochrome

text reads; beauty packaging trend 2021: monochrome. there are three photos, each of a different brand, kylie skin, florence by mills and fenty skin.

An increasingly popular trend I'm seeing for cosmetics brands is this clean minimalist style with just one flat color and simple white sans serif typography. Other styles of fonts are also used, I've noticed monoline script fonts being used a lot. Pastel colors are very popular, but more bright saturated colors and muted colors are also used. Some brands use the same color uniformly for all products like the very popular brands Kylie Skin, Florence by Mills and Fenty Skin featured in the image above.

Three images from brands with blue monochrome packaging, the brands are frankies bikinis. then I met you and summer fridays.

Some other brands also using one brand color like this is Then I Met You, Go-To, Bloomeffects and Asarai. But a lot of brands are also using a range of different colors, one for each product or each product line. Some brands doing this is Lani, Ida Warg, Summer Fridays, Bybi and Bangn Body.

Lineup of cosmetics tube product photos on white background, the brands displayed are florence by mills, fenty skin, then I met you, bloomeffects and summer fridays.

There are also tons of old legacy brands that have jumped on this trend like Neutrogena, Laneige, Clinique and Clarins. Monochrome outfits has also been a big trend in the last years in runway fashion, which I think is a bit of a parallel to this.

Three images of products with light pink monochrome packaging, the first image is kylie skin and the other two are the brand truly beauty.

I think this is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity considering the general direction of more minimal style of design being embraced, since one of the easiest way to make a minimalist design fun is to add color.

Three images of brands with monochrome yellow packaging, the brands are starface, asarai and bangn body.

Another factor that I think is pushing this trend is the importance of having a product that is going to look good in photos for social media and the clean monochrome look definitely looks great in shelfies, flatlays and other kinds of pictures featuring products. Which is something that can work for your brand on so many levels. People will be more interested in buying your products to use in their photos. People will find your brand because they saw your products in these photos. It really helps build brand recognition.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer


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