Beauty Design Awards 2020 Toner Finalists

Updated: Jan 12

Here are my 5 finalists for Beauty Design Awards 2020 in the category toners. The nominees in other categories followed by announcement of the winners will be shared right here!

See all the winners here!

Milk Makeup

Matcha Toner

$28 | 28 g

Cruelty Free | Vegan

Kylie Skin

Vanilla Milk Toner

$22 | 236 ml

Cruelty Free | Vegan


Essential Power Skin Refiner

$32 | 200 ml

Glow Recipe

Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner

$34 | 150 ml

Cruelty Free | Vegan

Rosen Skincare

Gold Tides Toner

$18 | 114 g

Cruelty Free | Vegan

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