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Announcement: Launching Doing Good Seal of Approval

collage of brands with the doing good seal of approval

Introduction to Doing Good

In a world increasingly filled with greenwashing, it's challenging to determine which beauty brands are truly committed to environmental and ethical practices. Today, we are proud to introduce the Doing Good seal of approval. This initiative is focused on recognizing and supporting beauty brands that genuinely strive toward sustainable practices. By distinguishing these sincere efforts, Doing Good helps consumers make informed choices and encourages brands to earn their sustainability claims through genuine action. Join us in highlighting and supporting brands that truly contribute to a more sustainable future.

Doing Good For The Planet Seal of Approval

Why Doing Good Matters

The beauty industry has long faced criticism for unsustainable practices, particularly the excessive use of plastic in packaging. At Doing Good, we believe that significant change begins with transparency and accountability. Our seal of approval is awarded to brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, particularly those that have adopted completely or mostly plastic-free packaging. Additionally, our standards include cruelty-free practices and a broader commitment to reducing environmental impact. This holistic approach ensures that brands bearing the Doing Good seal are not only minimizing their footprint but are also pioneers in leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Dip Haircare
Dip Haircare

The Seal of Approval Process

Applying for the Doing Good seal of approval is straightforward and, importantly, free of charge. We've made it our mission to ensure that all brands, regardless of size or financial resources, have the opportunity to be recognized for their genuine efforts towards sustainability. Most of the brands that currently hold our seal were selected by me personally based on their exemplary sustainability practices. However, we welcome brands to submit their information for consideration through a simple form available on our website. Any submitted brands will undergo a thorough evaluation to see if they meet our criteria based on factors such as eco-friendly packaging, responsible ingredients sourcing, and commitment to social responsibility. We continue to add new brands periodically, expanding our list of those who are making significant strides towards a more sustainable future.

Oquist Cosmetics and Kate McLeod
Oquist Cosmetics and Kate McLeod

What Sets Doing Good Apart

Doing Good is more than just a seal—it's a commitment to authenticity and integrity in the beauty industry. Unlike other labels, our approval process is completely free for brands, ensuring that financial constraints do not bar genuine efforts from being recognized. Importantly, there is no corporate influence or financial incentives compromising the integrity of the seal. What I personally gain from this project is not monetary but recognition within the industry for fostering real change. This transparency ensures that when you see a brand with the Doing Good seal, you can trust it's a testament to true sustainability efforts, not influenced by financial motives. We provide a platform where consumers can confidently verify the sustainability claims of their favorite brands and discover new ones that are genuinely aligned with their values.

The Lekker Company and WooHoo Body
The Lekker Company and WooHoo Body

Join Us

We invite you to explore the new page on our website where you can check if a brand has earned our Doing Good seal of approval or discover new brands that are committed to sustainable practices. Currently, we feature 51 brands, with more to be added soon. You can also filter these brands by category and country, making it easier to find products that meet your needs and align with your values. Together, we can drive real change in the beauty industry by supporting companies that prioritize the planet and its people over profit.

Poppy & Pout and Coconut Matter
Poppy & Pout and Coconut Matter


The Doing Good seal of approval is just the beginning. We are committed to continuously improving and adapting our criteria to ensure they reflect the most current sustainability practices. Join us in celebrating the brands that are stepping up, making a difference, and doing good—for the planet and for future generations.

Unbottled and SBTRCT
Unbottled and SBTRCT

Thank you for reading, learn more about Doing Good here. //Jennifer Carlsson


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