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10 Swedish Beauty brands to watch in 2023

10 Swedish Beauty brands to watch in 2023

10 Swedish Beauty brands to watch in 2023

Since I am in fact Swedish and I like in Stockholm Sweden I find that I should at least sometimes talk about Swedish brands so here are10 Swedish beauty brands I’m paying attention to in 2023. Most of these are smaller independently owned brands, because I don’t really care about what corporate is up to.

If you work for any of the brands mentioned in this post and you haven’t sent me any of your products already (some have, thank you!) then just so you know I would be very happy to try them.

Mantle Skincare


Founded by Josefin Landgård & Stina Lönnkvist

Brand Type: Eco Luxe

Swedish take on cannabis infused skincare.



Founded by Roger Dupé

Brand Type: Apothecary Lab

Apothecary style skincare created by the very stylish and handsome Roger Dupé. I just love the whole vibe of this brand.

Oquist Cosmetics


Founded by Olga Ringquist & Pavel Babneevs

Brand Type: Eco Luxe

To me this brand embodies everything natural luxury skincare should be. Their packaging is beautiful terracotta sculptures and their waterless, multitasking formulations are just as amazing. I was honestly surprised by how good the actual products really are.



Founded by Amanda Westerbom, Ben Eliass & Alan Aygun

Brand Type: Selfcare & Chill

Subscription based razor company with positive messaging in the tone of “you don’t have to shave, but if you want to we got you.”

Manasi 7


Founded by Susanne Manasi Persson

Brand Type: Modern Minimalist

Simple, natural, multifunctional, small batch and sensorial beauty.

19-69 Fragrance


Founded by Johan Bergelin

Brand Type: Apothecary Lab

Niche fragrances for any gender.

Sjö Skin


Founded by Jenny & Qin

Brand Type: Eco Luxe

Simple Honey Infused Skincare.

Beauty Disrupted


Founded by Svante Holm & Alban Mayne

Brand Type: Bright Future

Consciously crafted solid, plastic free basics.

Stora Skuggan


Founded by Tomas Hempel

Brand Type: Alchemy

Niche Fragrance handmade in Stockholm



Founded by Lars Fredriksson

Minimalist skincare brand with a special focus on Vitamin A Based Skincare.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


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Jennifer Carlsson
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