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Top Trending Skincare Brands on TikTok October 2023

Top Trending Skincare Brands on TikTok October 2023

Mintoiro's Top Trending Skincare Brands on TikTok for October 2023

Explore the current standout skincare brands on TikTok with Mintoiro's list for October 2023. This concise list compiles 290 brands, ranked based on data-driven criteria including follower growth, audience engagement, and ongoing growth on TikTok.


Report Attributes:

  • Data-Driven Selection: The list is crafted through an analytical lens, focusing on measurable performance metrics on TikTok to identify brands that are not just popular, but actively growing and engaging with their audience.
  • Monthly Release: A new edition is released each month, offering an up-to-date snapshot of the most effective skincare brands on TikTok, ensuring that the content is fresh and relevant.
  • Global Perspective: Brands from various regions are included, reflecting the global nature of TikTok's skincare community and trends.
  • Focus on Key Metrics: The emphasis is on brands showing notable engagement and consistent growth, rather than just high follower counts, for a more meaningful insight into their impact on TikTok.


Contents of the October 2023 Report:

  • Snapshot of Trends: The 9-page report provides a quick-reference list of 290 skincare brands that are currently capturing attention on TikTok.
  • Compiled by an Expert: Jennifer Carlsson's expertise in competitive market research informs the selection and presentation of the brands, ensuring the list is both accurate and useful for industry professionals.
  • Purpose of the Report: This resource is designed for stakeholders in the beauty industry, offering a clear and concise view of which skincare brands are currently performing well on TikTok’s dynamic platform.
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    • Skincare
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    • Sunscreen
    • Tanning
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    Jennifer Carlsson

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