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Top Trending Haircare Brands on TikTok October 2023

Top Trending Haircare Brands on TikTok October 2023

Top Trending Haircare Brands on TikTok – October 2023

Step into the dynamic world of haircare on TikTok with Mintoiro’s October 2023 report. This list ranks 97 haircare brands, based on metrics like follower growth, audience engagement, and consistent brand-audience interaction.


Why Choose This Report:

  • Informed by Data: We base our selection on a thorough analysis of TikTok's data, emphasizing haircare brands that demonstrate not only a robust following but also active engagement and growth.
  • Monthly Snapshot: In tune with TikTok's rapidly changing trends, we issue a new report each month, ensuring that the information you receive is timely and relevant.
  • Diverse Brand Representation: Our report covers haircare brands from around the world, reflecting the global and varied nature of the haircare sector on TikTok.
  • Quality Engagement Focus: We prioritize brands that foster real connections with their audience, offering a list that is more reflective of genuine influence and community building.


What’s Inside the October 2023 Edition:

  • Carefully Curated List: This 7-page report provides a concise overview of 97 haircare brands that are currently leading the conversation on TikTok, offering an insightful glimpse into the brands that resonate with today's audiences.
  • Expertly Assembled: Compiled with the expertise of Jennifer Carlsson, known for her accuracy and thorough market research, this document is an invaluable tool for professionals seeking to understand the TikTok haircare landscape.
  • Ideal for Industry Professionals: Perfect for haircare brand strategists, marketers, influencers, and analysts, this report is a key resource for anyone looking to grasp the evolving dynamics of haircare brands on one of the world’s most influential social media platforms.


Mintoiro – Navigating the Trends of Haircare on TikTok. Gain the latest insights into the haircare brands that are shaping the future of digital engagement and style on TikTok.

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