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Milan Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Week Favorites

Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023

I always follow all the runway shows and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite collections and looks. I tend to like the spring collections more than fall, mostly due to personal preference. Though I still always find a lot of looks and collection that I love in any season. So here are 10 of my favorite collections for Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 and my favorite 5 looks from each of those collections.


1. Vivetta

Love this collection, beautiful colors and I love the quilt and sweet lace details. It's soft, feminine and cute.

Aniye Records

2. Aniye Records

Layering of light off white fabric with frills and lace always makes me think of the Japanese street style "Cult Party Kei", which is not at all a bad thing. I'm also a huge fan of Little Twin Stars.

Bottega Veneta

3. Bottega Veneta

Love this soft shade of green that Bottega Veneta used in their collection.


4. Ferrari

The specific shade of bubblegum pink that Ferrari used in their collection is my favorite shade of pink. It looks beautiful coordinated with the dark emerald green and candy apple red.



Love the fluffy cozy looks from MSGM, not as sure about the fluffy shoes.



The cold cotton candy pink in GCDS looks beautiful, it works really well together with the black.

Jil Sander

7. Jil Sander

Seeing a lot of collections with checkerboard patterns. Love the oversized monochrome looks from Jil Sander.


8. Moschino

Not my favorite Moschino collection, as far as Moschino goes (my favorite is probably SS22). But still overall one of my favorites from Milan for this season. Love the classy punk princess vibes, not a big fan of the headpiece.


9. ACT N°1

Love the pastel sorbet monochrome looks and the sheer candy stripes.


10. Fendi

Lot's of stylish modern looks from Fendi as always, beautiful colors.

Thank you for reading! //Jennifer Carlsson


Portrait photo of Jennifer Carlsson, short neon green hair and rainbow colored eye makeup
Jennifer Carlsson
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I'm Jennifer Carlsson, a 30 year old strategy consultant, competitive market researcher, data analyst and designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I know more about more beauty brands than anyone else and I'm an expert in what it takes for beauty brands to succeed.
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