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Nutricosmetics Trend Report 2024

Nutricosmetics Trend Report 2024

Unlock the future of Nutricosmetics with this comprehensive, data-driven Trend Report for 2024. Sponsored by Tosla Nutricosmetics, this 90-page report provides actionable insights across multiple facets of the industry. Whether you're an established brand, an investor, or looking to break into the Nutricosmetics market, this resource is your definitive guide.


What You'll Learn

  • Sustainability Practices: Navigate the green initiatives that are more than buzzwords and which impact consumer choices.
  • Flavor Trends: Examine the prevalence of flavors across the market, offering a comprehensive view of consumer preferences.
  • Design Trends: Understand what visual branding elements resonate with consumers in the current market landscape.
  • Social Media Trends: Receive a data-driven ranked list of the top-performing Nutricosmetics brands on Instagram and TikTok, based on followers, engagement, and growth over time.
  • Tables and Charts: A variety of data visualizations to simplify complex data and expedite decision-making processes.


Ideal For

Current Brands: Strengthen your market position.

Investors: Make data-backed investment decisions.

Market Entrants: Break into the Nutricosmetics industry with confidence.

Analysts and Other Stakeholders: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Nutricosmetics landscape.

Report Includes:

  • 634 Brands
  • Sustainability Practices
  • Flavor Trends
  • Design Trends
  • Color Trends
  • Logo Design Trends
  • 7 Lifestyle Photography Trends
  • Top Brands on Instagram
  • Top Brands on TikTok
  • Pricing Insights
  • Pages


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  • Created by

    Jennifer Carlsson - Mintoiro

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