Kawaii Fashion Loppis

I designed a new logo and brand look for the event 'Kawaii Fashion Loppis', I tried to make it recognizable from their old look but still give it a complete overhaul. Kawaii fashion loppis is an event where people can sell their second hand or hand made clothes and accessories for cute japanese fashions. So my inspiration was cute harajuku fashions. I wanted to make it really cute so it would appeal to people that would enjoy the event. I made several different designs for posts to share on social media to promote the event.

The old logo had three different fonts just like the new one, a fun playful one for the top, a more rigid sans serif in the middle and a script font at the bottom. Mixing fonts can often be difficult to pull off without looking like you made a mistake, but I think the huge difference between them helps make it look intentional and I'm happy with the result! I slightly modified the fonts by adding the stars. The darker blue makes the colors pop and gives more clarity to the text without breaking the impression of the bright colors like using black would.

The design was really well received by both the event organizers and the people that attended the event. I made the logo so that it can both be used in the full color version or a simple one color version, this will make it easy to adapt it to different use cases for future events.

Kawaii Fashion Loppis
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